April 2017 wt says you can't undo a dedication to God

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  • WTWizard

    You get tricked into dedicating your soul to a scumbag that is going to exploit it and use it to enslave the whole world. Then, you cannot do anything to get out of it, so you are stuck being used in this damnation work. Is it any wonder they are doing all they can to round up those of us who quit serving that lousy tyrant, so they can force them back into field circus?

    And, I suppose all of us who were ever dedicated to that joke-hova thing now have to lend that thing our soul by wasting the monster box of silver's worth of money doing a completely stupid mission this coming spring, and each and every year beyond. This is to complete a pathway to drain all the energy of the whole territory to Israel, more particularly to the ultra-orthodox regions, so they can use black magic to enslave the whole world. Since your soul has been dedicated to joke-hova, you are therefore dedicated to helping that thing enslave the whole world, any way it chooses to. And, what about those who have trouble just making the Grand Boasting Session each year? I suppose they are going to have to dig deeper in debt to make Israel each year in addition to their Grand Boasting Sessions?

  • BeautifulMind

    Well I undid mine, soooooooo....a big F- U to the watchtower and their imaginary j-god. Happy holidays 😏

  • LongHairGal

    What if it's made under false pretenses and deception?

    As far as I'm concerned, I was a victim of bait and switch. If Jehovah still wants to consider me one of His "own", nothing I can do about that. I stopped being a glutton for punishment and just don't go to the KH anymore.

  • undercover

    Exact quote?

    Not that it is beyond the WTS to make such a claim, saying 'dedication to god' when actually implying dedication to their struggling publishing company.

    Problem with such a statement is that it will not work on anyone who is awake to their falsehoods. It might keep true believers in line - at least until the day they themselves have their own crisis of conscious

  • undercover
    Found the quote on another thread... I'll read that thread now...
  • tepidpoultry

    Re: sir82

    I made sure mine had a lawyer,


  • tepidpoultry

    What if one becomes an Atheist,

    Wouldn't such a a dedication be null,

    In the mind of an Atheist this entity does nor exist,

    A slave bound to a master,

    And the slave says Where am I to receive my instructions I see no one!"

    This is absurd


  • Pubsinger

    Basic Rule of Thumb:

    If WT says something can't be done, it usually can.

  • Finkelstein

    There has been many thousands who were once dedicated to Jah(JWS) but eventual left and moved over to atheism or another religion..

    Once again a self identifying JWS making lying false clams, which brings to light why JWs are so stupid, they propagate stupidity to one another and accept it as knowledge.

  • Heaven

    Crazyguy said: What if the Jehovah is just a myth?

    There really isn't an easy way to tell people that they've dedicated their life to a folly.

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