The old "Book Study Group"

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  • ScenicViewer

    Yes, as redvip2000 says, we were always told that during the TRIBULATION, we would only be able to meet under ban in small group study home arrangements........stuckinarut2

    For the sake of a little history, redvip2000 and stuckinarut2 are absolutely right - the bookstudy was, among other things, meant to be a meeting place in times of persecution which was always 'just around the corner.' Below is a quote from the Watchtower magazine.

    “The Value of the Congregational Book Study.” Strategic location is important because of its being a service center; its conductor must set a good example in field service and be kind and patient. It serves as a training ground for new ones, to start out in the field and speak up at meetings. It is of special value in times of bans when only small groups can come together.” (W 10-1-53 p591) (bold added)

    Of course the Great Tribulation is still just around the corner but now it will have to happen without JWs having an organized place to meet. So sad.

  • steve2

    Did they choose the location of the Congregation Book Studies based on residential properties with in-built bunkers? Would that have ruled out apartments?

  • tepidpoultry

    The faithful were clearly not informed, even in something as life changing to jws such as this, I would've expected maybe a Sevice Meeting put aside to outline and explain the rationale, What am I saying, Watch Tower has never been forthcoming (especially in writing) concerning their reasons about doing anything, so we just relied as always on the word of visiting Bethel reps and rogue COs


  • venus

    This is typical of any teaching of human origin.

    At one point, you have to say: Sun rises in the East,

    At another point, you have to say: Where sun rises is East,

    and yet at another point, you have to say: Sun never rises in the East nor sets in the West.

  • waton

    last "study center" was very creative. Book study was on saturday mornings. followed by a lavish coffee and refreshments, (high quality) and cleanup. and then? , guess: Field service ha ha.

  • sparrowdown

    The book study arrangement in private homes was a lawsuit waiting to happen and WT knew it.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Besides liability, there are zoning and/or parking problems in many places that made a lot of homes impossible for a public meeting.

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