Would there, or would there not be, lawsuits if they took away the blood transfusion ban?

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  • VerdadTJ2

    I have heard or read, many times by many exJW's, that the org does not remove the blood transfusion ban because it would be crippled by the resulting lawsuits the minute that "new light" was made official.

    I am not a lawyer, but I would like to know what legal opinion lawyers have on that.

    On what legal basis would there be a lawsuit?

    "I am suing the Watchtower because my relative died because of a rule they had but no longer have"?

    Am I missing something?

  • enoughisenough

    maybe they would spin it like the c19 koolaid...it was their personal choice. and it really is.

  • VerdadTJ2

    That's what they do currently. "The JW decided that he didn't want blood so... yeah... not our fault!"

    There are no lawsuits NOW because a JW decides to die because of no blood... why would there be any lawsuits THEN if the Watchtower decided to remove that blood ban??

    I don't get it...

  • FragrantAddendum

    wt hierarchy leaders don't give a damn if people take blood or not

    they've shown they don't care about people

    the reason they keep the "no blood" thing (despite "allowing" blood via "fractions")

    is because they get a profit off pushing blood fraction products and devices

    they have stock in big pharma

    and they are in bed with the un as regards the w.h.o. agenda thing

    (they want to please the un so they can get into more countries and take $$ from poor people)

    it's the same reason they pushed the covid vaccine

    they got money for promoting it

    the hlc/his are like drug reps who know more about "blood fraction" products/devices than most pharmaceutical company reps

    wt leaders are using the local brothers as free labor to promote products for an ungodly purpose


  • FragrantAddendum

    the wt leaders already know their current stance on blood is unscriptural

    their motivation is money and power and corrupting others

    they get more power from satan by getting dumb jw's to take blood via fractions while thinking they're really abstaining from blood

    that's why they won't change the doctrine - it's already corrupted and they like it that way

    to them it's like illicit sex, they get a kick out of it

    thing is, they're busted and now they have to pay the piper


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Honestly,,,I believe they have a tiger by the tail. When it comes to their unchristian blood policy.

  • NotFormer

    They always deny control over the decisions of individual JWs. The existence of sanctions and HLCs makes this a very difficult position to prove. They've "forced" people to deny themselves potentially lifesaving treatment for decades. Some of those people have died, who might otherwise have had a chance to live. Suddenly changing the doctrine that killed so many IOW, admitting that there was no justification for those deaths, is definitely going to open the legal floodgates.

    They've killed so many people via the blood doctrine that they're now experiencing a warped version of the sunk cost fallacy.

  • FragrantAddendum

    (funny how nobody ever wants to check how many people die from blood products)

    one estimate in one location in 1973 said "He estimates 3500 deaths and 50,000 illnesses a year. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta guesses higher. They put it at 35,000 deaths and 500,000 illnesses."


    the watchtower leaders are bloodguilty as regards blood products

    but it's not for saying "no blood transfusions"

    it's because they promote the blood industry

    instead of taking straight whole blood transfusion from one person

    they promote taking blood fraction products that are made up of blood drawn from many many many people

    so it's more like instead of committing fornication with one person

    committing fornication with thousands of people

    (sticking someone else's fluids in your body, someone you don't know - it's a very fast way to get sick quicker and mess up your body)

    drs don't test for everything

    so taking blood fraction products speeds up your death exponentially

    by exposing you to more pathogens quicker


    a better question to ask regarding watchtower is

    how many people have they infected/hurt by recommending blood fraction products

  • Vidiot
    NotFormer - “…they're now experiencing a warped version of the sunk cost fallacy…”

    IMO, the sunk cost fallacy is already pretty warped. 🤨

  • FragrantAddendum

    it's pretty warped to steal blood from the poor to give to the rich

    and then use false advertising campaigns to get dupes to promote the product for you

    (just like how wt dupes jw's into peddling watchtower literature for free, or building kh's for free and then selling them for profit)

    it's amazing how j-dubs will defend the gb like they're heroes

    same way people defend the freakin blood industry vampires like they're heroes

    when they're actually blood-sucking perverts who steal lives


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