Why "fancy dress" and "theme weddings" were BANNED by our Congregation!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Our Kingdom hall was in a boring town of 30,000 people so to spice things up me and some special pioneers living with us decided to have a fancy dress up party! What could go wrong? Nice clean fun, and no booze (oh crap!). Well we didnt realise that "come as your own character" men't cowboy (guns) pirate (sword and knife) hippy and 1920's girls (slightly slutty make up and clothes). Anyhow first party we got away with, and it was a huge deal with people bringing bible studies along to see how normal (HAA HAAA) Witness life can be. We had such fun a year later we had a second one....and a Pioneer bro dressed up as a ballarena with full female make up! Now we are in trouble! He almost got serverly deciplined by Elders and fancy dress was totally banned...A brother wanted a pirate theme wedding with him and the best man having fake swords. The shocked Elder/celebrant almost walked off and cancelled the wedding! "At least lose the swords!" An Elder dressed as Elvis to sing afew songs at a Witness get together....not an Elder anymore, goodbye! Yeah Witness life is REALLY FUN AND NORMAL for about 5 minutes before getting shut down....show this to your bible students.

  • dbq407

    Ha ha, They are fun haters for sure and take everything over the top! They are far from normal.

  • steve2

    Oh dear Witness 007 - you'd have been far better to dress up as Noah or Moses or Job (lots of face masks have boils and blemishes on them)! Or how about Chuck Russell? Now there's a man to imitate with his lovely thick white beard.

    Oh, but not a good idea to dress up as Nebuchadnezzar or Pontius Pilate.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    How about dressing up as a ravenous she-bear with some baby arms hanging out of the mouth. Too on the nose?

  • ToesUp

    A group had a costume party years ago. We had a blast. UNTIL.....a "sister" showed up in a cocktail waitress outfit. You would have thought she was dressed as a hooker. Well, needless to say, we never had a costume party ever again. JW elders and their wives are kill joys. Anything fun is not allowed. That is why so many JW's go off the deep end. I don't miss being part of the cult at all!!!!! FREE AT LAST!!!!!

  • steve2

    In JW land, there are costumes and then there are costumes. Oh to be deliciously free of that needling gnat-picking.

  • sparrowdown

    What about dressing up as zombies oh wait they already are, anyway like the ones on The Walking Dead and say you're the resurrected.

    "I see dead people." That's scriptural right?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    We had a 50's themed party back in the late 80's early 90's and if anything, it was rather bland and uneventful. Word got to the C.O that there were guys dressed as "Greasers" and a Sister dressed as the "sex goddess" Marilyn Monroe and people were doing "suggestive" 50's dances.

    When he came to visit, there was a talk given and scriptures sited that showed how wrong this was and how if a costume party was held, it would only be appropriate if it was bible themed or if people came dressed as JW's from the 1950's. engaged in the ministry, for example.

    There was a lot of eye rolling and smirks among the audience as they envisioned a party where everyone was dressed as JW's going from door to door in the 1950's. Nevertheless, that was the last costume party we ever had.

    Flash forward to the past few years, we now have JW relatives and friends who post Facebook and Instagram photos of themselves dressed in movie themed costumes at parties taking place on "Oscar" night. And we've all see the video of the dancing and costumed skits at the Kingdom Halls that took place a few years ago, where they were dancing on stage to "worldly" music. My how things have changed.


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    At least someones putting the kingdom hall to good use

  • pale.emperor

    That video... there's NO WAY i'd have believed this if i hadn't have seen it.

    At least someones putting the kingdom hall to good use

    I actually LOL'd at that!!

    In the congregation i grew up in fancy dress parties were banned. Before my generation was born our parents all had a fancy dress party and one elder came as Wonder Woman. He got severely counseled for it apparently, and it was a sore point to bring up even 20 years later.

    I would have went as JF Rutherford. Turn up pissed out of my skull with a 16yo female "dietician" on my arm making outrageous claims.

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