What would happen if everyone who ever lived came back? - Video on Youtube

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  • ILoveTTATT2

    VERY interesting video showing what would happen if everyone who ever died came back...

    TLDR: 90% would die (again) within two months because of famine.


    Therefore: "Paradise" is just impossible.

  • waton

    there goes the wt promise of a waterfront property with snowy peak mountain view for everyone. even any one, of course

    then, at the end of the 1000 years, the earth will have 4 corners again [rev20;8], and then, in perfection, , a cube has more surface area than the circle .

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Very intriguing question and interesting video. The Word does tell us that such an eventuality is indeed possible; but, first, there must be some rather dramatic changes to the state of Planet Earth in order to support the numbers. That is foretold as well. It appears, according to The Word, that we may all be very pleasantly surprised when the time comes!

  • fulano

    I remember have read in one of the 192 pages smaller books that we probably would inhabit other planets. I think it was the holy spirit book.

  • JeffT

    By my calculations that give everybody about .3 acres (1800 people per square mile) or about 750 per square kilometer. And that is ALL land, good land, crummy land, swamp, desert, mountain glaciers etc.

  • Simon

    Yes, but once the death-cycle starts, we'll be able to fire up the Soylent Green factories and save the rest!

  • waton

    also, the inerrant inspired word of g.o.d. has it, that "the sea will be no more" [rev21;1] so, covering all the seafloor with flora, we can waterfront house many more, on the residue lakes, and feed them with vat crops, watered by the primordial mist. bible working in misterious ways.

  • BluesBrother

    As any dub will tell you

    " We can safely leave it in Jehovah's capable hands....We are sure he knows how to do it"

  • Spoletta

    Maybe we will all be brought back two inches tall.That should give us more room.

  • Sorry

    "Leave the matter to Jehovah."- every Dub ever.

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