MUST WATCH! Watchtower's Shocking Admissions

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  • Newly Enlightened
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    These two are hilarious and I gave up watching them a long time ago. Why wouldn't a poor congregation use a single wide? Sheesh.

  • bildad

    Wasanelder Once: "These two are hilarious"

    Agree wholeheartedly. Although, I wouldn't say I find them hilarious, more embarrassing than anything else!


    I always watch because you never know... I never discount anything or anyone automatically, although it can be hard to watch, depending on the delivery and content.

    I watched just a tiny bit and was thrown off by the use of the word “Lord.” Since when to Dubs ever say that?? In my experience, you say Jeehoober. Saying LORD or speaking openly and often about Jesus is a red flag. Dubs look at you weird.

    Saying Jeehoober and GB and ORG are the proper phrases to use.



    There’s definitely some major BS going on within the WTBTS. Also, you gotta laugh at Gary B and new token Black Guy. When they aren’t talking about screwing pillows, they are talking to Dubs like they have the mental capacity of a chimpanzee.

    Can you imagine those two as GB members? It will happen. They may lie and say the GB were raptured and “evidently” Jesus wants the Helpers to take over, but they will have the same role. The WTBTS has no choice because the passage of time will reveal their current truth to be false and they need human leaders. Let’s face it, TOMO is no spring chicken.


  • jp1692

    People shouldn’t make videos when they’ve been drinking.

    Those two have lost it. Not sure they ever had it, actually.

    If they had a point worth hearing I wouldn’t know because they take waaaaaaaaaay to long to get to the it … if there was one.

    "When I said 'MUST WATCH' I actually meant 'MUST NOT WATCH!'"

  • sparrowdown

    Why were the WT psychopath jerks mocking and laughing at their own videos?

    Very disturbing, either they know their own videos are untrue or it's how they really view "the friends" either way these are horrible men.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Shocking alright...couldn't get passed minute two.

  • sparrowdown

    If they're laughing at a trailer KH they must really ROFLMAO at the hut style and shanty town KH's in Africa and other poor countries. 😯

    These guys are psychopaths.

  • Listener

    Ignore the nasty comments Newly Enlightened, you guys are great and I love your enthusiasm.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you might have got your maths all wrong. You were using the number of KHs in your calculations but you should have been using the number of congregations since there are many more congregations than KHs.

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