Judaeo Christian religious practices may have actually come from ancient Egyptian religoius beliefs and practices

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  • Finkelstein

    Under close investigation of ancient middle eastern civilizations and their religoius beliefs and practices, there appears to be a connecting commonality derived from astronomical mythological beliefs.

    As shown through the documentary Zeitgeist it would appear that these ancient civilizations plagiarized mythological beliefs from an original source to use for their own individual means and purpose, the ancient Egyptian mythological practices being the originating source.

    The documentary Zeitgeist brings forth some interesting thoughts.


  • truth_b_known

    It's pretty mind blowing. It all makes sense. However, I have to ask the question - why? Why create a religion based on Judaism that is nothing more than an allegory of Egyptian astrology.

    It's also ironic. A Canaanite tribe is held captive by the Egyptians, released only to be captured by the Persians, only to be released and captured by the Romans. Every time this tribe is recaptured they reinvent their religion, which is all based on their original capture's (Egyptians) religion.

  • Smiles

    So, Moses and Aaron may have borrowed some of their ideas from their Egyptian observations... combining concepts?

    ISis, RA, ELohim = ISRAEL

  • Finkelstein

    The probable answer to that question TBK was to keep their own select culture and uniquely identified civilization unified unto themselves, since the savior Messiah was prophesied anyways why not go further into creating one for their own sake ?

  • cofty

    Sorry Fink but this facile bit of conspiracy nuttery has been debunked to death.

  • Finkelstein

    Its interesting that these opposers of the film and its information attack not the information but the man, making more of a ad hominem attack.

    So what your saying then Cofty is that the ancients did not plagiarize mythological stories from other established civilizations to use for themselves and embellish these stories to their own willful means and purpose ?

  • cofty

    Check the link. It does not attack the man it debunks the 'facts'.

    So what your saying then Cofty is ...

    Sentences that begin like that never end well.

  • Finkelstein

    I did check the link Cofty and I didn't find much contravening evidence there.

    I read once somewhere that his dating involving certain deities were slightly embellished though .

    The origin and practise of the Zodiac seemed right but it appears that some of his conclusions were more connecting theories.

    ......and how about an answer to the question I posed to you ?

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    I've read a bit about this and I was under the impression that, even though there are similarities, there are no definite links to Egypt.

    IS RA EL is a new one to me and on the surface looks convincing, combining Ra and El.

    Another one I read was does the word amen relate to amun?

    Then, there are the trinity gods, mother, son, father. The evil God, Set, etc.

    Maybe the religions are more related through celebrating the seasons and recurring astronomical events.

  • JoenB75

    There are various cool links to Egypt in the book of Revelation, the plagues, the second death etc ☺️

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