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  • NaruNaruChan
    Do you care what people think of you from a prejudice ideology?

    Yes, it pisses me off.

    What is more important to you, what you think of yourself or, what people who have never met you think you are probably like?

    What I think of myself, because I'm the only one whose opinion matters, and most people just sit around worrying about themselves anyway.

    Does it make you feel good to pretend to be superior by putting others down?

    No. I don't do that. I don't even put down JWs, I just pity them very very badly.

    Does being a citizen in the most powerful nation on earth make you better than everyone else?

    No, it just makes me a citizen in the most powerful nation on Earth.

    What do you think makes the world hate the United States so much?

    The fact that we take what we have for granted, and the fact that we look at things that are done "the American Way" as the ONLY WAY and put such an emphasis on material possessions. MULAN, Americans aren't arrogant, they're just young. I'm just young. And very inexperienced. I think people from smaller countries acknowledge this, and get angry because they see what americans have and would appreciate it more if they had it.

    9/11 changed the world and America forever. For a brief moment the world stopped. Many people think that a valuable opportunity to come together as the human race was lost. Others think that it is time to abandon allies that will not stand beside the US. Do you have a opinion on this? What did America fail to do? What did it do right?

    I don't think america failed to do anything. We did what we could, I mean... that was the perfect attack, and nobody saw it coming, not even our government. I think that we did everything right in the situation, for what they could do.

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