Stinkypantz, Capone, SheilaM, Thunder-rider.....Tornadoes!!!!

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  • Robdar

    Yesterday in Kansas City, we experienced the largest outbreak of tornadoes in over 20 years. I am concerned about other members of this forum in the Kansas and Missouri areas. Are you well? Did the twisters cause you any damage or heartache? Do you need assistance?

    Although the tornadoes touched down all around--many of them less than a mile away, my family and belongings suffered no damage. I want to thank everybody for calling to check on me. Imagine my surprise to receive phone calls of concern from all over the country and from Australia! I want to thank all of you for your love and concern.

    For the above named people and others, please let me know that you are well.



  • pr_capone
  • pr_capone

    All is well in Wichita. Stinky and I are fine. We didnt even have Tornado sirens go off (that I know of).

    Thanks Robyn for the concern!!!!!!!!


    Kansas District Overbeer

  • ballistic

    Being over this side of the pond, I have never experienced anything like that. I am in the Dominican Republic next week, and was told that hurricane season doesn't start until June!!!

  • shamus

    There was another regular poster here - AAAAGH! What's her name!

    Sorry - anyways, she said that there was insulation falling from the sky yesterday. I am thinking of you guys who may be in danger, and am watching the news.

    Take care.

  • SheilaM


    I did a post yesterday lookin' for you all too. I am so glad everyone is well. We were close but just have some hail damage. Thunder has gotten calls all day checkin on him from his family mine of course SUCK LOL Oh well


    Honestly, it seemed like all was calm and quiet this spring, then THIS??

    Good grief, and yes, I was concerned about some of the posters on here from that region.

    We're expecting some thunderstorms etc., tonight/tomorrow in the lower Great Lakes. I don't think they'll result in any tornadoes, but I have heard that Ohio and Pennsylvania have had some watches/warnings, and that's just directly south of me across Lake Erie.

    Thankfully, our Kansas state posters and western Missouri posters are safe and sound.

    I have nightmares to this day about tornadoes. They scare the crap outta me. YES, we get them up here in Ontario, Canada. There have been some nasty F2s, F3s and deathly F4s hit around here. Not as often as down in the central plains, but we get them just the same.

    Be safe everyone in Tornado Alley. We'll be laying bricks (instead of eggs) wondering if you are safe and sound.

    Tell me folks whom live in that area: do you have storm cellars/basements to access should you be in the path of a tornado?

    And...for those of you experienced, what do you do when one is coming?

    I think for those living in tornado country, any rules of advice?

    Thanks, glad to know you are all safe and sound. Sorry to read of such incredible destruction and loss of life .

  • Stephanus
    phone calls of concern from all over the country and from Australia!

    She didn't even mention me by name - Robyn hates me now!

  • StinkyPantz

    Like pr_capone, said we're fine. The sky looked cloudy all day and the wind was blowin' awful hard but nothing ever happened down here.

    You're a sweetie for being concerned though, thanks!

  • SheilaM

    Our house is on a slab but we had two people come out in the storm to get us. In fact our other neighbor left her door unlocked all night just in case it got bad again

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