What exactly is grieving gods Holy Spirit?

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  • smiddy3

    If the WT is right and holy spirit is an impersonal force, how could it experience an emotion like grief?

    I like your reasoning Ding

  • Vanderhoven7

    Yet Jesus warned the non-anointed Pharisees against sinning against the Holy Spirit.

  • Marie33

    Who knows now that Jehovah's Witnesses are allowed to have a boogie dance in the parking lot of the convention site. Must be new light, check it out:


  • scratchme1010

    What exactly is grieving gods Holy Spirit?

    One of the many made up terms and concepts that groups use to make people feel like they know something that others don't.

  • Marie33

    If the Holy Spirit can be grieved the Watchtower has done it with this weird property for conventions they have in Denmark. This is going to be hard to be believe which is why I'm posting the google site which when you click on the small top left picture and scrolled down you can to see the JWs and I'm sure the JWs in attendance have no idea!


  • LoveUniHateExams
    What exactly is grieving gods Holy Spirit? - masturbating.
  • Iamallcool

    LUHE, omg you are so right!

  • zophar

    Blondie already referenced the WT article I looked at. Like her, I find it interesting that it clearly applies this to the anointed and then like everything else they include the "Other Sheep" by extension. We are just never good enough to get our own counsel are we????

    Steve2 made the comment linking this "grieving" with the unforgivable sin. I think that is how the elder was trying to apply it in your case. However, WT literature clearly shows that no one on earth can determine when a person commits an unforgivable sin. So really, it was pretty careless and crass of the elder to apply that to you even by JW standards!

  • jookbeard

    my ex wife said something similar to me "I've sinned agaisnt the holy spirit" quite a big deal if there was such a thing , like the creator of the entire universe would give a single hoot about me!

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    the holy spirit cried that day

    the sky was dark and very grey

    oh holy spirit what's your game?

    some might think you are insane.

    no one understands your mood

    a sensitive and fragile dude

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