Brighton Convention Being Discussed

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  • Gargamel

    "Brighton and Jehovah Albion" - Made me laugh. So are the seagulls going reach the Premiership next year? It would be great to have three South Coast teams in the PL........ I miss Pompey (Nah not really :wink: ) "

    Was great fun at Pompey last seaon. We got stuffed, but a rendition of "How sh1t must you be, you're playing Craw-ley" soon put them in their place :)

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hi Gargamel--so i guess your based in southern England ? quite a few of us down here--i'm just across the solent. heres a few more Brits:

  • jambon1

    When Conventions were in Perth, Scotland (absolutely freezing btw) the media would fall over themselves to paint the witnesses in good light.

    Suppose it brought some money into an otherwise shitty, no mark of a town.

    The manager of the local Tesco ALWAYS got a mention about how pleased he was to receive the witnesses into his store. They don't half talk themselves up at the end of the conventions.

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