Following Christ "from a distance."

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  • New day
    New day
    Luke 22:54. "Then they arrested him and led him off, and they brought him into the house of the high priest; but Peter was following at a distance." I am still raging because this verse was used at a recent circuit overseer's visit. The C.O. referred back to when this was used at a district convention to stress that if a baptized bro was not reaching out to be an ms or elder, then he was following Christ 'at a distance.' He then went further and said that if a baptized bro wasn't reaching out, there was something missing in his heart. He backed this up with 1 Cor. 13:5 where "love does not look for its own interests." So he was telling the congregation that if a bro was not actively reaching out then there was something wrong with him spiritually. No allowance for circumstances. I resigned as an elder over a year ago, mostly due to family responsibilities but also some doubts. As a result of this, every bro not serving will be viewed as a waster and an unfaithful git. I am still reeling from this.
  • Pistoff

    They conveniently frame the issue, don't they?

    No allowance for health, depression, circumstance.

    I had a CO ask me if I was holding down my hours to avoid being appointed elder; he said if I was, I might as well wash it up, I was finished in Jehovah's eyes.

    So I did wash it up, I quit going to meetings altogether a few years after he left our hall.

    He left a trail of destruction too, btw; hooked an entire body of elders to cover his own tracks, slandered the DO, I could go on and on.

  • New day
    New day
    And that's not even touching on the thought that the org should simply be encouraging bros to reach out, not loading on the guilt-tripping, which is a very sick way to try to get somebody to do anything!
  • freddo

    Of course Peter "following at a distance" (when Jesus was being led captive to mock trial and then execution) was actually doing the very best he could and if we want to judge, better than all the other apostles who at that point weren't following him at all. Considering the situation understandably so as they were hiding so they wouldn't get crucified.

    The present GB have trouble presenting themselves to court to "be hailed before governors" regarding child abuse!


    Following Christ "from a distance."

    ........Image result for man looking through binoculars


    Let them take that scripture out of context (which they are) and use it to guilt-trip the already burdened sheep. It will only ensure that the most loyal ( psycophants ) will achieve the status of MS or Elder. This will ensure that the most legalistic and mentally/emotionally stunted individuals will be making "leadership" decisions.

    This means that the WTBTS's legalism and "going beyond" the scriptures will be the instrument of their downfall. No "Assyrian" will need to attack the WTBTS. They are destroying themselves by their pseudo-spiritual practices.


  • Alive!

    Who would want to persuade any unaware soul to be subjected to a lifetime of this vile abuse of scripture - they lay out words and ideas that are designed to make the 'sheep' judgemental and side looking.

    They've mastered the art of smooth words which imitate a code of love with darts of poison carefully placed......

    I've gone to a couple of dozen services at my local baptist church....on and off over the past two years.

    Doctrine is not mentioned, bullying disguised as encouragement has NEVER been used in the 'talks' - I'm not interested in being a church member, but I like a couple of lovely women there who have become friends -

    The 'org' broke my husbands self esteem years ago, he was invited very quickly into the company of influential elders, who drank up large and gossiped to him after his 'personal bible study' - my husband was a very lovely, very funny, social and yet very humble and easy to teach guy - they said to me they'd rarely such good elder material in a new 'study'.

    Looking back, I can see how they destroyed his 'good' spirit - he failed to reach out - why? Just in those first few elder/MS club drinky get togethers he saw and heard first hand the horrible bullying and sheer malice (sugar coated) that existed - he told me 20 years later that he knew back then, he never wanted to be appointed.

    And for years he was considered spiritually weak. He just didn't want to join their 'club'.... But they still invited him for drinks, well why not? He had some of the best scotches and a decent wine 'cellar' and the 'boys' loved a good 'lock in'

    We used to laugh it off - but looking back, these men were NOT qualified.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    LOL, your captions. Keep them coming. Don't quit any time soon!!!LOL.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    But yeah seriously!!! Taking this scripture out of context and abusing the rank and file with it!!! Unprecedented.

    Secondly, no allowance for the men in the Borg who have limitations. Health issues, depression issues or financial problems and having to work a lot to support their families.

    This was one talk at the RC last summer that was really annoying.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    So he was telling the congregation that if a bro was not actively reaching out then there was something wrong with him spiritually.

    Fast forward this talk by Anthony Morris to about 19:20 where he talks about it being a problem if a sister wants to marry a 23 year old brothers who isn't a Ministerial servants yet.

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