Vaccine Passports: THIS Is Where It Leads

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  • Rocketman123

    This passport idea still seems kind of silly and impractical based upon the fact that vaccinated people can still have the virus and pass it on to others at a assuming lower rate, its just that they themselves wont have any symptoms or may have a lower intensity of symptoms.

    Keeping in mind that vaccines to this virus are not 100% effective in blocking the virus completely.

    I think the government health officials are aware of that and just promoting the idea of having their entire populations vaccinated.

  • minimus

    Life will get back to normal once we get vaccinated. Another government lie. 60 or 70% will get us herd immunity. No wait, it’s really 85 to 90%. You want prove I’ve been vaccinated?? I have my passport. No, that’s not going to help. You need to get tested again before you can come here. BS

  • Rocketman123

    Life will get back to normal once we get vaccinated. Another government lie.

    Why do you say that ? the vaccination of the elderly have dramatically reduced the death rate of that age group, the people who are getting it now on a grander scale are the 20 to 40 age group.

    Why ?

    Because they never got vaccinated and there are now more potent strains/variants of the virus .

    So from that observation we should be able to conclude that vaccinations will work on the greater population once everyone is vaccinated, with a small trace of symptomatic cases afloat.

    Governments know that have to eventually remove social restrictions its just a matter of evaluating when based upon the infection rate.

    Some countries have already lifted social restrictions , such as New Zealand and Israel.

  • minimus

    The deal was get a vac and you’ll be protected. People get the vaccination and after they get Covid they are told be thankful you got the shots because it could’ve been a lot worse if you didn’t. People get vaccinated and are told they still shouldn’t eat inside at restaurants per Dr. Fauci today. Life is far from normal! They are recommending that Michigan close down totally again as opposed to getting more vacs. It just never ends!!!

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Please don’t listen to the anti-vaxxers, vaccines are safe, the US-funded ones are 99.9998% reliable to prevent symptomatic infection (literally, read the literature - 1 in 50,000 test subjects did not seem to get antibodies, which could be due to a number of reasons, most likely human error).

    The problem sits in the SinoVac/SinoPharm/CoronaVac and other Chinese funded, they’ve proven to be 50% (peer reviewed) to 80% (according to Chinese propaganda) reliable to prevent symptomatic infection, Sputnik V, the Russian one is 90% reliable. This applies to places like some Eastern European and other third world countries that didn’t fund a proper vaccine and rely on the Belt and Road or COVAX project to give them low cost vaccines. The EU is also considering those vaccines for the same reason.

    Do note the all vaccines, although reliable, can have some minor side effects and some may trigger allergic reactions, but that is the case for ANY vaccine, from Tetanus to Polio to HPV to COVID. Vaccines also do not work against big variations in the pathogen although the mRNA vaccines have all proven to be reliable against extant COVID-19 variations.

    It is also possible that you do not generate antibodies for some unknown reason. It’s also possible that human error (eg bad injection or letting the vaccine out of the freezer or expire) could mean your vaccine doesn’t work properly. That is why you need herd immunity which the US is well above the levels so outbreaks won’t happen anymore.

  • Justmemorph

    stan.... if you had your vaccine, and its effective, why would you care about being around someone with covid?

  • Steel


    If you are a cruise ship operator , you are now required to purchase a couple ventilators, have a couple ICU beds ready and hire a couple extra nurses because someone doesn't want to tell if you if they have had the vaccine ?

    I am pretty sure that is not how the free market works.

    Mark of the beast, Mark of the beast.

  • minimus

    The cruise ships should be prepared since we all know you could be vaccinated and tested and still get Covid. Yes, so they should prepare for these things because the PROBABILITY is that someone has it on the cruise ship and doesn’t even know it.

  • MeanMrMustard

    @Steel: They shouldn’t be required to do anything they wouldn’t do for the flu.


    Wow. Just another “bad faith” video. Everyone go get your Covid Jab asap while supplies last!! Don’t be questioning what’s in the infusion, just roll up your sleeve.


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