Daily Mirror article about JWs destroying evidence

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    Tried for 10 minutes to load that page, after answering 9 repetitive survey questions. Had to give up.

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    I wonder if this is only on-line, or if it appears in the Print version of the Mirror, I hope it does, as many JW's read the Mirror, it being not too taxing on their limited education and vocabulary.
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    Great article! More and more of these articles are coming out. Great PR for the Watchtower! Sit back and watch everyone, Watchtower is putting the nail in their own coffin.
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    Thanks for sharing this Tornintwo. The page loaded, no problem in my case. It's good the media pays attention to this "memo telling them [elders] to get rid of notes taken during “judicial meetings” with alleged sex offenders.". It truly was a disgusting thing to do!
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    Watchtower is running scared !!!!!
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    The Jehovah’s Witness church is believed to have sent a memo telling them to get rid of notes taken during “judicial meetings” with alleged sex offenders.

    It comes after Judge Lowell Goddard – the head of Britain’s independent child sex abuse inquiry – warned ­institutions that NO paperwork relating to abuse claimsshould be shredded.

    The Sunday People revealed 15 months ago that the church was accused of covering for paedophiles in congregations.

    It is accused of brainwashing abused women and girls into not going to police so it can keep its image, preferring to deal with attackers at “judicial” meetings.

    A former church elder said: “This latest move is disgusting.

    "It gives elders an ­excuse to stand in court and say they have no paperwork relating to judicial meetings and can’t remember details.”

    Under the church’s “audit”, basic ­details of what the abuser was accused of, when the assault was alleged to have happened and outcomes of such judicial ­meetings will be kept on file.

    But more detailed notes, usually handwritten by elders during the meetings, could be destroyed.

    Read more: Jehovah's Witness pervert jailed despite cover-up

    The Jehovah’s Witness church failed to answer criticism over the memo.

    But it said: “We abhor child abuse and view it as a heinous crime. Any suggestion that Jehovah Witnesses cover up child abuse is absolutely false.”

    Last year we told how Louise Palmer, 38 , was ignored by her parents and church elders when she revealed her brother raped her as a child.

    He was jailed for 14 years at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

    In Newcastle upon Tyne, elders refused to talk to police about ministerial servant Gordon Leighton , 53, who was jailed for 13 years in 2013 for attacks on children.

    In Barry, South Wales, they did not help police probing elder Mark Sewell , 53, jailed for 14 years in 2014 for sex attacks.

  • konceptual99

    mmmm. I am not sure about the article. As much as I hate to say it, I don't think it really does present the facts.

    The letter is a general letter related to yearly admin tasks designed to try and minimise the amount of personal data held about people.

    The BOE have specific instructions on record keeping related to child abuse investigations.

    There are of course plenty of worrisome things about the JW judicial process and record keeping. It's also true to say that there is a risk that some elders may ignore their own instructions and destroy some records they should be keeping but were the WTS to present their side of the story on this particular article it could be fairly easily rebuffed.

    The real story here is about how the WTS have not taken the instruction to make sure no records are destroyed from the Inquiry seriously and formally advised the BOEs in the UK on the implications of this. The effort being led by Louise Goode would be a far better thing to see publicised in the press rather the fairly sensationalist nature of this report.

    I would suggest it would be far more uncomfortable for WTS representative to have to respond to questions as to why they were not heeding the UK Inquiry instructions, why it was being left to a bunch of exJW activists to inform elders of the instructions and the clear demonstration that, once again, the Witness actions are opposite to their words.

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    Tried for 10 minutes to load that page, after answering 9 repetitive survey questions. Had to give up.
    get AdBlock.

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