Witnesses Don't Believe the Organization Makes Mistakes

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  • TheOldHippie

    "Some defenders of the Watchtower claim that Witnesses acknowledge that the organization is imperfect and makes

    mistakes. Wrong. They actually believe the organization NEVER makes mistakes!"

    Just to make you happy: I for my part acknowledge thatit IS imperfect and MAKES mistakes. OK, I'm not a majority - justlittle old me out of 6,500,000 - that should be some 0.0000153 %, but anyway it's a start. I have a friend who agrees with me, and so we are 2. I'm not searching for excuses when I see a mistake, I know there are mistakes done - daily, on the organization level, legalism, treatment of people, and theology.

    So it'n not "they", it's "99.9 %".

  • willy_think


    you are messing up the 100% ratio. here is what you do: go to your friendly neighborhood elder and tell him your frends name and what the CCJW is wrong about. that should change the number of JWs in good standing, by -2, who think the org. makes mistakes.

  • TheOldHippie

    I know, and that's why me and my friend keep it to ourselves. By the way, we have both been elders, I for 25 years, my friend for some 15. We know the game, to the full. And so we know what to do right now, too.

  • AlanF

    A lot of good comments in this thread.

    However, I want to clear up something with Metatron.

    Your statement needs a bit of qualification. The average JW will never admit that the Watchtower organization is making a mistake right now. But following the direction of the Society itself, they will acknowledge that the Society has made mistakes in the distant past. This past is comfortably enough distant that the average JW can satisfy himself that nothing of the past mistake taints present Watchtower teaching. Thus, in the present, the organization is 100% perfect.


  • TheOldHippie

    Yes, Alan F., it is exactly as it is said in a couple of the public talk outlines, and in articles: People have no problems admitting that people in general - themselves included - are imperfect and make mistakes; but once someone points a finger at you and tells you where you made a mistake, you immediately come up with excuses, you attack the accuser and say that HE has made so many mistakes himself that he should just keep his big mouth shut, you say you were misinformed etc. etc.

    And so the Society / congregations / elders / publishers / salesmen react or do, too; they have no problems admitting that the organization is made up of imperfect people who make mistakes, we all make them, and the ones in command too. But once a direct point is referred to, suddenly no mistake at all was made, because this or that etc.

    In general, yes. Specifically, no way.

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