A special video has been released to assist people who have experienced child sexual abuse within the Jehovah's Witnesses in Australia

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  • jwleaks
  • WingCommander

    This was part of the redress scheme agreement with Australia. They were basically FORCED to do this, or else risk losing/forfeiting all funding, accreditation, and status as a religious charity in Australia. So they made this.

  • LV101

    What kind of accountability is this -- makes me sick!! Way to go Australia! I'm not viewing their material. As usual WT skates.

  • TonusOH

    They certainly don't hold back.

    "Don’t be deterred by the current disinformation being published by either the Jehovah’s Witnesses institution or its Public Information Department."

    They refer to the WTS's letter claiming that "the religion... does not and never has sponsored any activities that have resulted in children being under its care, custody, supervision, control or authority." They respond "These claims are patently false."

    It looks like the redress scheme is intended to make the process less stressful for victims than a civil suit would be, though the latter could lead to much larger compensation. I think they understand how difficult it is for victims to go through a court action, and why many would prefer to take no action. I wonder if they will ever report the number of people who filed for, and received, redress through the scheme.

  • no-zombie

    I wonder if the Australian Government will require this video to be shown at congregational meetings. It needs to be ... and It would go a long way to properly publicly open up this topic to the Australian Brotherhood.

  • Atlantis

    An excellent video, thank you very much!


  • WingCommander

    Oh shit......I didn't watch this video at first. I thought WT made this video.

    SIMON: Can you please delete my initial post above? Obviously WT HQ did NOT make this video.

  • LV101

    Oh my -- I, too, 'assumed' it was a WT video.

  • Vidiot

    This bit jumped out at me…

    “…The elders are not permitted to hold a judicial committee hearing over your application…”
  • Vidiot

    Reminds me of something…

    …a recent (alleged) leaker briefly mentioned that the Service Department - under the authority of Ted Jaracz - was primarily responsible for the CSA problem getting out of hand, rather than the GB as a whole… and that Jaracz’s name can indeed be found in the Database as an offender, which is expected to be exposed to the general public sooner rather than later…

    …so basically, the fox was put in charge of the henhouse, but not permitted to scrub his own name, so he essentially weaponized the two-witness rule to keep his own alleged acts under wraps, resulting in the problem becoming widespread, institutionalized, and unfixable under the current system.

    Another professed (albeit second-hand) source said that the GB as a whole were never really made fully aware of just how bad the problem was until around 2015, when the Org was required by court order to fully consolidate, collate, and relinquish all the documentation the SD had accumulated…

    …and that specific task took a heavy emotional toll on the poor buggers who landed the assignment.

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