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  • punkofnice
  • punkofnice
  • waton

    #6 family in water theme park (dressed up to Warwick visit standards) in the aquarium tunnel, escaping the assembly tunnel vision. proving that like in the exodus, story, that water can be held back, stored, filtered story high.

  • truth_b_known


    Great call on the Pavement Publishers blocking everyone, especially those who use wheelchairs. Blocking the Sidewalk is a crime.

  • EverApostate

    Thats Sports car is Jehovah's chariot, speeding up the good work

  • recovering

    There are no sperm whales I. Captivity

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    #1. "Tell me again why we need two carts full of these pamphlets, which by the way, no one is taking and remind me why we don't have any bibles on our carts even though we're supposed to be spreading gods word rather than mans?"

    #2. "Some random guy just came up and handed me this Hip-Hop C.D that he made. He was so hot, I forgot to give him a Pamphlet LOL"

    #3 "Don't be too sad about not having any children or grandchildren. Paragraph 6 in this 1972 Watchtower Bound Volume assures us that the New System will be here before too long and we'll have all eternity to have a family"

    #4 "No seriously...has anyone ever told you that you look like an older Prince William?"

    #5 "Well my Dad is an Elder and he said to tell you that you might be related to a monkey but we certainly aren't."

    #6 Try to relax honey....I know the end of this wicked system of things could happen tomorrow but still, it's ok that we took the kids on this fun Saturday outing instead of out in the life saving ministry.

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