How convenient today's wt very stealthily leaves out df ones as your neighbors

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  • poopie
  • Diogenesister

    Basically..your neighbour to most JW's are the wealthy or influential/ top of the pecking order in the cong,healthy young-ish ( because they are useful to the org). Anyone else is worthless...literally.

    Unless you get the rare genuinely good souls who despite Borg brainwashing still see all humanity in need, like the good Samaritan, as their neighbour. They are usually disparaged by the org for being like this.

    Doctrine does NOT make you a does.

  • menrov

    The article not only omits the DF'ed ones but the ones mentioned are not at all what Jesus said who your neighbor is. If you read the parable (or is it prophecy now :-) ) you see that the religion nor race nor nationality is mentioned. Only of those that are pictured as not showing love at all, except for the Samaritan.

    So, according to the WT article, only JW's, your JW marital mate or those who you encounter while doing your job s a JW are you neighbor. Go figure.....

  • jhine
    The less people you spend time or money on , the more of each for them . Simples . Jan
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Just another mind-controlling issue.
  • NeverKnew

    Holy cow.

    I mentioned that I had heard that this WT article further separated the JWs from others and got my head verbally ripped off.

    Was told that I was destroying the relationship and their walk with God. They had left the KH feeling good and now they don't feel good and that I was responsible for bringing them down. Was told that anyone else's walk was their problem.

    Wow.... the love of a JW towards his/her neighbor.

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