bust fellow worker leaving job 2 hours to go to KH

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  • TheListener
    jhine, he'll justify it because God comes first. Or he just doesn't even care to think about it that much. According to the thread about the pew religious survey JWs have the lowest common sense or something so maybe he doesn't understand he is stealing. Maybe he feels he puts in extra hours somewhere to make it up.
  • JunkYardDog
    I get the feeling he is a new recruit. he had what looked like a brand new what does the bible teach (large size 8x 10 ) book that was never touched. with no title on the front cover. ( only pictures) with spanish. on the first few pages. and I never seen this man walk out on his job in a year. he's afraid of me after i talked to him, and even walked 2 miles home, when i would give him a ride as we live close. I'm not sure were he is at with the wt, but I'm not going to work 40 minutes late for no extra pay to help him go to the kh let's all keep in mind this man is a 10 year full time valued empolyee. and I only work part time
  • Dunedain

    @ - Junkyarddog - Dude, you do realise that you "own" this guy now, lol. Depending on how "IN" he is with the JW's, he has a lot to loose, if you were to "expose" his little SCAMMING/STEALING from his employer thing, and, of course, if you were to be the "little birdy" that told your boss, about the stealing.

    Either way, on the JW front, and the work front, you GOT HIM. Also, dont let his bullshit, of "pretending" he doesnt understand/speak English, hold any water. Be like, "dude, que paso, we been talking for over a year, and you ALWAYS understood me, dont play this NOW, because that would be LYING". Thats right, tell him that is LYING, it will just give you another thing to have on him, and make HIM know that you aint stupid, and YOU know what real "spirituallity" is.

    Good luck, and have fun, you can have a BALL with this one, lol.

  • jhine

    The Listener , your point about him making up the time later and feeling that this is OK is a good one . However the boss might not agree .

    I am not advocating using this to make his life a misery , the WT will do that . Perhaps when he is speaking English again JYD you could point out to him the trouble he will be in if the boss finds out ( though maybe he knows already , judging by his actions ) and also point out that the WT won't help him if he loses his job . You probably had planned to do that any way !

    It is good that you can share with him your experience before he gets too entrenched .


  • smiddy


    Classic example of J.W.`s speaking out of both sides of there mouth.

    When worldly people are deceitful and lie , it`s evidence they are wicked and deserving of destruction at Armageddon , especially if they are a part of false religion .

    When a Jehovah`s Witness is deceitful and lies he/she is engaged in spiritual warfare that is acceptable to Jehovah .

    And as others have said this guy needs to to be confronted with his dishonesty and hypocricy and exposed to his employers , exposing the myth that all J.W.`s are squeaky clean .


  • jhine

    With respect Smiddy will ratting him out to the boss actually help this man ? It would expose the Watchtower , but from all I've learnt about JWs wouldn't it just reinforce what he will have been told about being persecuted for being in the " truth " .

    Pointing the hypocrisy out to HIM may just start him on the path of questioning . It seems to me , and I could be wrong , that the best chance of snatching him from the jaws of the WT would be for JYD to drip feed him stuff to get him thinking .

    If JYD is happy to do that of course. Sorry for volunteering you for the job . ! ! Jan

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