If you're feeling down ... this might cheer you up

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    What an annoying bitch - XD

    I'm not sure about shooting but I was definitely hoping the cop would taser this bitch!

    What's incredible is that she probably chose to publish this thinking she was int he right - yep, can you feel the smug?

    She was quoting Confederate laws that are 200 years old, laws that were superceded by the winners of the US civil war, the North.

    Total f**king ignorance!

    The cop was very patient, initially treating her with respect and giving her every opportunity to act like an adult.

    He deserves a medal ...

  • Simon
    The cop was very patient, initially treating her with respect and giving her every opportunity to act like an adult. He deserves a medal

    I think this is more often how police are and the crap they have to deal with from 'the great unwashed'.

    The MSM never play these clips though because they like to promote a different narrative.

  • Cadellin

    I have renewed respect for law enforcement. That woman was a nut and he acted with admirable restraint.

  • Vidiot
    Simon - "Why does the world pander to idiots like this so much?"

    Because hard-core political correctness has made some people forget that you can't arrange village life to suit the village idiot.

  • blondie
  • GrreatTeacher

    Thank you for posting. I got caught up in an internet rabbit hole about sovereign citizens.

    Apparently they think that the government is illegitimate and they have rights that are actually theirs to not pay taxes, not register their cars, not have drivers licenses, and some go so far as to file liens against the property of government workers whom they consider to have violated their sovereign rights, usually police or judges.

    Some of these movements spun out of anti-government patriot groups that believed that the current, especially federal, government is illegitimate because it has been coopted by believers in big government.

    Some movements spun out of the belief that the US government has been illegitimate since the ending of the civil war, and that Jews and blacks have been secretly controlling the illegitimate government since then.

    Ironically, a new group of sovereign citizens are found among black folks who believe the government is illegitimate. They learn the rhetoric in jailhouses where it is espoused by those who feel they have been wronged.

    Some have issued their own promissory notes and tried to settle tax debt or buy cars, then get belligerent when dealerships refuse to give them the keys to "my property."

    Very entertaining to watch, specifically because most videos are from the perpetrators themselves and they think they have proven a grand point, where to most people it looks like they just got "owned."

    They are now considered by the FBI to be domestic terrorists that put law enforcement and other government workers in danger. Police departments get special training for recognizing and dealing with them. They can feel threatened when denied their "rights," and have killed before.

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