Can the org's finances be viewed?

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    Thanks 👍

    Nothing in there about the caretaker's death or cash being flown to the Bahamas, though.

    Don't get me wrong: I wouldn't doubt anything bad about that rotten organisation, given plausible proof. Having sources to throw in their smug faces next time they are at my door is important to me.

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    joey jojo

    Here are the financials for Australia since 2013.

    The last couple of years has seen a big drop in donations, from around $25- 30 million to $8 - 10 million per year.

    This from Canada:

    About Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Canada:

    Watch Tower is a 0-star charity with Low demonstrated impact. The charity does not have a website and reports very little about its $30m programs and their results. Watch Tower has large funding reserves and is not financially transparent.

    For every dollar donated, 99 cents go to the cause, which is outside Ci’s reasonable range for overhead spending. When a charity reports overhead spending of less than 5%, it sometimes suggests that the numbers are inaccurate or misreported.

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    road to nowhere

    I like that. 0 stars and low(!l) impact. Like if gone nobody would notice. I can think of nothing they have ever done that is real charity.

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    For Your Information - Watchtower's finances as found in court case Nunez vs Watchtower - Montana -

    #1. From the trial transcript - afternoon session - Sept. 24, 2018, regarding Watchtower of NY and CCJW's net worth.

    This court trial transcript has a total of 426 pages. See page 417 of the entire document for important information but it's page 119 of one part of a hearing. The discussion on p. 417 is in regards to WT of NY and CCJW's net worth. See below:

    "MR. SMITH: So the Judge just read to you 3 two numbers and I wanted to write them down and make sure 4 that you had those. We have Watchtower New York. And 5 one of the things that you need to consider for this 6 phase of the trial is the net worth of Watchtower New 7 York. So I'm going to write that down and tell you why 8 that's important.

    "Watchtower's net worth is $1.5 billion dollars 10 with a "b." I can write the full number. It's 11 1,590,000,000. I'm going to just round it down to save 12 you guys time. So it's 1 billion, 500 million -- I have 13 to make sure I get the numbers correct. It's $1.5 14 billion.

    "15 The Christian Congregation of Jehovah's 16 Witnesses -- and keep in mind when I tell you these 17 numbers, the Judge read them to you as agreed facts 18 because defendants have stipulated to it so you can take 19 it as true. So CCJW, their net worth -- I'm just going 20 to round down to save everybody time -- is $49 million."

    #2. Subject: Nunez vs Watchtower Lawsuit-Montana-refiled Feb 6, 2020


    Pursuant to Mont. R. Civ. P. 15(a)(2), Plaintiff Alexis Nunez moves the Court for an Order granting her leave to file her Second Amended Complaint and to add Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania as a party to this action. A copy of the Second Amended Complaint is attached to this Motion.

    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania (“Watchtower PA”) was originally a Defendant in this case. They were dismissed without prejudice pursuant to an agreement between the parties. See Exhibit A. The agreement allows Plaintiff to re-assert all claims against Watchtower PA. Id. at ¶ 2. ...

    Watchtower PA provided Plaintiff with an affidavit stating that Watchtower PA holds copyrights, provides humanitarian aid, and assists branch offices with construction and operational support. Exhibit D. The affidavit is incomplete and inaccurate. Attached are SEC filings showing Watchtower PA as the owner of an offshore hedge fund with working capital of $499,990,000. See Exhibit B. Their 2016 tax return shows their primary unrelated business activity as “investment activities” with a book value of $1,004,209,000. Watchtower PA also operates a Trust. See Exhibit C.

    Watchtower PA also stated that they do not form, organize, or oversee congregations at any location. See Ex. D at ¶ 12. Again, this is inaccurate. Watchtower PA has issued letters to congregations with instructions for handling complaints of child abuse. See Exhibit E.

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    Thanks Barbara!!

    i recall that it was lower than the spectacular estimates floated by many. If they used KHs as collateral for loans, it may be much now.

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