Isiah 65:17 (Memory wipe?)

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  • EverApostate

    _Morpheus , My statement above was Sarcastic. Religions are nothing but funny. Anyway thanks for the validation.

  • _Morpheus

    I saw the puke emoji you used, apparently my supportive sarcasm cosign font didnt capture

  • zeb

    On hearing this scripture for the first time I likened it to anyone who has survived a terrible event like war, holocaust or abuse by anyone in authority that in better times with health in mind and body they would not dwell on the past events.

    Of course the wt has some over analysis of this scripture like they do everything else.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "things are so good we no longer dwell on the past pains."

    They must be recalled with a certain measure of displeasure or loathing in order for the lesson of the failure of human rule directed by Satan, to have any real staying power in the hearts of all intelligent creatures.

    To illustrate my point, think of the difference between intellectually knowing that hurricanes cause death and destruction, without the pain of experiencing it yourself; and actually experiencing it yourself. Many people in the former position, say they would like to experience a hurricane. But none - or very few - in the latter position would say so. The difference - having painful memories associated with hurricanes.

    So if people in the "new world" do not remember the trials of the old world with some measure of pain, it would be easy for them to go back to rebelling.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Reminds me of a joke:

    Snarky JW 1: "Bro. Mischief, we will really miss you when we get into the new system" (Implying Bro. Mischief won't make it. lol.)

    Bro. Mischief: "I wish I could say the same about you. From my position in heaven I bet I'll get to see you every day."

    Snarky Elder JW: "Snarky JW 1, how can you say such a thing? . . . Everyone knows that in the new system the former things will not be called to mind - You can't miss someone you won't remember."

  • _Morpheus

    It really is a bit of a catch 22, isnt it islandman

  • venus

    Hi Island Man

    Your hurricane illustration is superb

  • kairos

    I for one, welcome our A.I. overlords Governing Body...

  • Confusedalot

    It is not a memory wipe. One of the main themes in NT is the nailing of the flesh to the cross and becoming one with God in spirit. This is the new heaven where the flesh, its desires and pains will be irrelevant, because God is a spirit. It is new because by the sacrifice of our Lord, he gave up the flesh as an example for us, and as a result removed the devil from heaven and his claims of truth.

    The new earth is a system where the woman from Genesis (Eve) and Revelation 12 etc. will not travail in birth pangs to produce spiritual children for God. (read rescue us from flesh)

    Our journey to unity with God is marred with pain and tears - so called birth pangs because of the corruption of the current system we find ourselves in and our desire for it. Once the harlot (flesh centered religions) that sells us into captivity to this system, and the devil that misleads us to revere and value ourselves and our flesh is removed, the woman(new Jerusalem) would not have pangs of distress to produce children of God. This is the new earth.

    Jesus was free from this old earth because of his virgin birth and his pure origin, unfortunately we miss his example and have to suffer to let go of the flesh and draw close to God, and the current earth will reject us for this (pangs), because we evolved and are born of flesh. Thanks be to God for rescuing us from our corrupt origins and giving us an escape to spirit and eternal life!

    A more intriguing question would be that if we realize this: could we already live in this new earth (paradise) NOW because of our Lords example?

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