What Happened To All Your Friends???

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  • minimus

    To become a Witness, you MUST leave EVERYTHING behind and associate ONLY with JW's. Did You think that you really were going to only associate with Jehovah's Witnesses and no one else??? ---------- After you left or got DF'd, did you regain your past "worldly" friendships or were they forever lost?

  • Warrigal

    During the time when I was attending meetings, I kept all my worldly friends and interacted with them. After leaving the org. I still had my friends to hang out with. I had many acquaintences in the org. but no true friends so I didn't miss anyone when I walked away.

    I guess they call this 'leading a double life' but I didn't care. I wouldn't let anyone dictate to me who to hang with and who to shun.

  • aojumper

    I was raised a JW. I had few worldly friends. Now I have tons o' Friends, good friends and aquantneces, who like me and appreciate me for who I am, and even accept me! It's great.

    Most of my friends from the borg, that are still in, well they don't contact me. This includes my cousins that I was close to.

    However my friends that I came out of the Borg with or around the same time, well we are even closer, and on a very different level than than I think I will ever be with any frineds. We have come through so much and we have a sincere understanding of each other that goes so deep into our individual nature and into human nature, that it beciomes this unspeakable tight bond that I don't believe could ever be broken, no matter our differences, our situations or our choices. I wonder what it will be like when (hopefully) one of my brothers or sister gets out ...


  • Maverick

    I guess I wasn't good at kissing off my old buddies. I never pissed them off. I am a very loyal type. You have to draw first blood to get me to drop you as a friend. Most of my old friends are happy I came to my senses and proved they were in fact true blue. Can't say the same for most of the J-duds, they are all too happy to shin you and kiss you off, ( except some of the sisters)! Maverick

  • Simon

    I never had / made any friends outside the WTS (what a good little witless I was !) so when we left, we had no-one other than family and most of mine were a waste of time.

    It's amazing how quickly the 'friendships' you have in the WTS dissolve - we're talking minutes, not months or years !!

    We've made friends over time and value the real friendships. Of course some of them are on here and we have yet to meet them in person but we've been lucky enough to be able to meet some. We've even made friends with people who's paths crossed with ours while we were all witnesses ... it's a small world !

  • shamus

    Friends outside of the organization I never really contacted... Friends in the congregation were all badasses anyways, and I am still friends with them. Obviously, we don't talk at all about the religion, beliefs, etc. Theyknow that I am gone, slipped away, and they're cool with it. Whenever I hang with them, we go and party, and whatever. They don't go to meetings much either, so its all good. The F**ko's who were the "aquaintance friends", the ones who were your friends but not really I never heard from again - good riddance to those lowlife goofballs.

    One of my friends who left - or fell away like I did - I still keep in contact with. He HATES IT. Whenever his mom comes to visit him, she always says things like "Oh - look at how cute those ducks are - too bad your on Satan's side." Just shows you the mentality of those in the Borg.

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    My experience was that so-called 'friendship' in the 'truth' was very shallow. If you are not part of the clique, then you may as well be a leper.

    Upon awakening to the sugar-coated love and fellowship that was demonstrated, and realising just how superficial it all was, I came to understand that none of the people whom I may have counted as friends in the org, displayed that quality which is often considered a major factor when privileged to share a friendship - loyalty. The fact was, that I never had any friends in the org and a significant regret in my life was that I gave my so-called 'worldly' friends the same shameful treatment many years earlier when I accepted the 'truth'.

    If you choose a life contrary to the one selected by the WTBTS then your 'friends' will wipe you like a dirty arse.

    cheeses who now enjoys the freedom of choice.

  • Francois

    Since I always kept one foot in and one foot out, I always maintained my "outside" friends. I noted that my JW "friends" were always playing a not too sophisticated game of "see how spiritual I am?" which I found very off-putting.

    I rather liked my "outside" friends much better. They were more genuine, less freaky, less flakey. And they could engage in an entire conversation without uttering the phrase "bless Jehovah" or some variant of that. The God of the Universes hardly needs praise from one of his myriad creations I don't think. He already knows he does things in absolute perfection in the first place.

    But I digress. Getting back to the question; I kept my outside friends so when I left, I just picked up my "outside" friends and dropped my JW "friends" and it was a seamless operation. I even had a non-JW girlfriend waiting with open arms. Whoa! that was the best part. I was always unable, as a one woman man, to actually engage in adultery. Had nothing to do with being a JW, it had to do with my own native sense of honor, morals, and ethics. But just as soon as I produced the order of the court proclaiming me legaly separated and single, all bets were off. Oh, what a night.


  • freedom96

    I grew up as a witness, so most of my friends were as well. As I got a little older, I moved out of the area, and became friends with non witnesses.

    What an enjoyable experience to have friends because you like each other, other than that is who you are stuck with in the hall.

    I have very few friends left that are active witnesses. I see them once in a great while. When together, we enjoy each others company, and don't talk about religion. Don't ask, don't tell.

  • minimus

    I think there are a lot of "don't ask, don't tell" Witnesses. Hopefully, they don't ask, don't tell and don't judge.

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