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  • be wise
    be wise

    These things about the society have been nagging me and I just couldn’t keep them in any longer.

    Basically I’ve just told my mum everything about the org and what I think of it covering itself, misleading it’s followers and the issues of child abuse. Basically my dad said it’s people who have a vendetta against the society and a lot of the stories are made up. I said what about the one s that aren’t made up and people have suffered. They said now the watchtower has changed its policy. I said it’s still the same witness rule. They said the elders encourage telling the police when anything occurs. I said I’ve got real cases where they haven’t and have treated it very badly. They said well they’ve changed now. They are gradually getting better. This is there answer to everything. False prophecies and changing light etc. My mum said she can think for herself and knows her bible and when to ignore the society. Then when I started exposing them with what I’ve learnt and experienced myself, she said if offends her that I attack them ‘they are my spiritual brothers and sisters’.

    I said don’t let there teaching of the bible get mixed up with organisational issues and their perception on certain issues they are two separate things. Well, they believed all the usual WTS propagated mumbo jumbo about apostates etc, but I feel better for letting them know my stance on it, I just had to let it out and now I have I will see how things turn out between my family and me. I’ve been through so much bullshit with this organisation that nothing scares me anymore, they certainly don’t and I’m glad I’ve got a free mind and I will fight for my mental freedoma all the way. I was thinking of printing out actual quotes from the WTS to let them see for themselves so they can't refute them. Do you think I should even bother?

    Why do I have the need to be so impulsive and honest?

    be wise(r than me).

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas
    my dad said it’s people who have a vendetta against the society and a lot of the stories are made up.

    It sounds as though your Dad may be in possession of very important information: ask him WHO specifically, "made up" their story against the Organization. He must know them personally, and must be very familiar with all the facts surrounding their spurious allegation - ask him to supply details so as to expose these frauds. Doesn't he OWE that to the WTS for the sake of righteousness?

    He's a worthless deluded LIAR. Call his bluff.

  • be wise
    be wise

    He's just an ignorant old git, he always has been. He's your perfect WTS follower, has no facts at all to back anything he says up. He just blurts out WTS crap on impulse and really expects you to believe such made up 'on a whim' rubbish.

    Anyway, he says it's all my fault and feels he can defend the society when he physically abused his children and mentally abused his wife. The thing is I could hear them both talking and agreeing in such a compfortable manner when I was in the hall. I think my mother forgets everything about the way he treated us and the WTS.

  • peacefulpete

    be wise...Please calm down and stop yourself from destroying your relationship with your parents. Go and get Steve Hassan's book, Releasing the Bonds. Your happiness depends upon your showing insight and restraint.

  • nowisee

    yes, i think peacefulpete is right. what good will it do to beat them over the head with it? it would probably just make them angry and more set in their ways. sometimes (think back to why jw preaching methods are so effective) the way a message is presented makes all the difference in how it is accepted.

    keep planting seeds as you find opportunities. if there is any way to get them to look at "crisis of conscience" by ray franz that would be good. -- if you have not yet read it yourself - read it. keep loving them, show them you care and that you are interested in what is best for them.

    be wise!

    best wishes, nowisee

  • rocketman

    be wise, it seems to me, from this vantage point, that a printout of quotes may not do much good. It seems that your parents are convinced that things are okay with the jw religion and I doubt they'd budge.

    Of course, printing some stuff out and just keeping it handy for another time might not hurt.

  • BluesBrother

    Good sense spoken so far about resraint and maintaining a relationshio . Many of us are in a similat position with family members and we know how ostritch like and bull headed they can be.

    I believe it to be a "Comfort zone" for them. They are used to this way of life, it suits them they have taught you to believe it. Now they are suddenly confonted with damaging statements that threaten their whole way of life and they just can't handle it.

    After all, it takes a brave person to turn around and say, "I was wrong all these years" I know this sounds like a Sevice Meeting item on asking people to change their religion. But the principle is the same . Many are just happy going to the Kingdom Hall and "Tusting in Jehovah" although in fact trusting the men from Brooklyn

    Keep going, gently . Things will happen in their own cong. that will make them think. Ensure that everything you say is accurate , then, - you never know.

  • be wise
    be wise

    Thanks for the advice guys, I think I needed it. I didn’t initially start of to get in an argument, it just seemed to go in that direction. Honestly, if you knew my dad. I don’t know anyone like him. He really is the most unreasonable guy you will ever meet and now I am talking calmly.

    I haven’t been very wise by being goaded by him but sometimes these things happen. I suppose it was a lot of frustration building up over the years because I moved out when I was very young and then lived on my own when I left and it was very hard. I don’t like my dad; you could say I dislike him to put it politely. He just sits around and doesn’t say anything, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife (nothing to do with JW’s –he’s always been like this.) He’s never said a good word to me in his life. When I fell off my ladder when I was working with him when I was a young JW of about 15 (this was a high upstairs window) he just laughed and didn’t even get down off his ladder to see if I was alright (didn’t even ask) he just carried on. I had to go to hospital, when he stopped laughing and viewed me as a pain in the arse for stopping him working.

    Anyway, after arguing I went into the kitchen to talk to my mum and we had a decent discussion about it (not heated at all). I’ll just have to make sure he’s not around when I say anything, I think.

    Nowisee and peacefulpete, Thanks for the advice on what books to get, I have been meaning to read this but haven’t had the chance to buy them


  • wannaexit

    be wise,

    I feel your frustration and anger. Been there, done that!

    Don't forget many have invested their whole lives in the organization, and its not so easy to see it for what it is.

    Just be happy that the scales have come off your eyes and you are no longer in bondage. And pray that one day they might see it too.

    Just my two cents worth


  • truthseeker1

    If you are to print out anything, just print out a little bit of Info about how they misquote historians to make them say what they want to say. Do some research on the Cross/torture stake. It might be just one quote, but it is representative of how their research is structured. There are pleanty more quotes like that to find, especially regarding 607 BC if they need more examples. If you show it to them, do it not to change how they think, but to explain why you feel the way you do. It will plant a seed and won't make you look like you are attacking them, just defending yourself.

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