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  • stillin

    Red, I'm sure that there's a piece on JW about the UN/NGO mess. I read about it on Freeminds years ago. There were a couple of Bethelites visiting here and I asked them whether thy knew anything about all of that or the Silent Lambs business. Nope. Drones will be drones, right?

    I doubt that your wife would read Crisis of Conscience with you after a few pages. You are going to haveTo be patient and kind.

  • Queequeg

    Hey BR! Oregon here.

    If you haven't already done it. Look up stories on this forum about how people got their loved ones out.

    A poster called OpenMind gave his account of how he did it. Called it the "slow drip" method I think. He was able to get his pioneer wife and kids out.

    Seems like slow and careful is often the most successful. It worked in my case.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Welcome! Beth Sarim was a mansion that Rutherford had built for David, Abraham etc to live in when they were due to return in 1925.

    They didn't come so Rutherford lived in it instead.

    Crisis of Conscience is an excellent read. It is classed s apostate literature so if your wife is "in" she may not want to read it. Tread carefully.

  • dubstepped

    Oh yeah, I know E-town. Been there many times. Used to go through Etown to fish in Hodgenville way back in the day.

    I would tread lightly with CoC and your wife. If she's still all in, that's likely way too much. Those that have success getting spouses out usually do it little by little over time.

    Shoot me a private message. Tell me more about yourself. I'm sure you don't want to put your name out in public but you can in pm. Who knows, maybe I've heard of your family. We can work out a time to meet sometime.

  • BiggerRed

    Thanks so much all!!

  • Normalfulla

    Just Wikipedia beth sarim big red it's a start

  • Good JW
    Good JW

    Hello BiggerRed I'm sorry to hear about your troubles - it's hard adjusting. May I make a suggestion? I would not see this situation as you having to "save" your wife; otherwise if it didn't work out the way you hoped it will only put a strain on the relationship between her and your kids. As hard as it sounds, you may have to learn to let it go and accept this religion as just "that thing" (put it in box that doesn't irritate you, which comes with time). In a sense, the religion is not just an annoying "virus" - it kind of defines a person (their tastes, their desires etc). So as much as one can relate it to high control groups (fear/guilt/shame/manipulation etc), it also has other flavours that cannot just be brushed away as worthless. If you respect these parts, BUT at the same time, express your view tactfully (as some have suggested, drip feed) then it will be kinder on your family, and most importantly, on yourself. Take care of your own emotions first, then the rest (relationships etc) will fall into place.

    Whatever method you chose, I wish you well on your journey! It's not easy but there's definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

    PS - I made my screen-name some years ago, so as you may have guessed I'm not exactly the model JW anymore :)

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