The Truth about the Truth

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  • BluesBrother

    I would be very careful in what I say, he might shop me to the elders.

  • Vanderhoven7

    One of the important truths I would like to elicit from JWs is the fact that their faith is in men rather than the Bible.

    How important is truth to you?
    If you didn't have the truth, would you want to know it?
    1. How much faith do you have in the Bible? (complete?)
    2. Do you view the scriptures the same way the Apostle Paul did? (II Tim.3:15, 16)
    3. Do you believe your religion is clearly biblical?
    4. Could someone studying the Bible alone come up with exactly what you believe?
    5. Do you believe that someone who only has the Bible can read it and be saved?
    6. What role does the Bible actually play in determining your religious beliefs?
    7. Would you say that your faith is primarily in the Bible or is it primarily in your religious leaders (i.e.; those taking the lead) and their interpretations of the Bible?
    8. Could there be a discrepancy between what your religion teaches and what the Bible teaches? Has there ever been?
    9. Does new light or doctrinal modifications made by your religious leaders act as a corrective to change what you believe the Bible teaches?
    10. Could the Bible ever act as a corrective to change your beliefs contrary to what your religions leaders teach?
    11. If a person puts his complete trust in a Bible scholar, with an “if he says it, I believe it” attitude, would his faith ultimately be in the Bible or the scholar?
    12. If you somehow lost faith in your religion's primary leadership, would you lose your faith in God and the Bible?
  • Harvey

    One of the important truths I would like to elicit from JWs is the fact that their faith is in men rather than the Bible.

    Yes the men of the Watchtower who instill subjective loyalty to them and their words , not the words of Jesus Christ through scripture.

    One of the notable things about the JWS is their proclamations ( Jesus's return in 1914, Armageddon) which they made and no other religion have done.

    Why is that ?

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    A 'truth' that I read on this site is something I haven't forgotten. I wish I could remember who said it but I cant find the thread.

    Anyway, it went something like this:

    Although they would be shocked to hear it, JW's do not actually have any deep-seated, personal beliefs. Their beliefs - and therefore their 'truth', is subject to whatever the latest watchtower tells them it is.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Does she know anything about the characteristics of Christian cults?

    One is that they paint all other churches with the same ugly brush.

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