252 Congregations have closed in Germany since 2015

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    This is a video from Down With The Tower. It's excellent. Enjoy.


  • DesirousOfChange
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    Wondrous Expansion is NOT taking place. . . . .

  • VW.org

    Wow, unbelievable. How many congregations where there in Germany before 2015? If this is true, then it must be the beginning of the end for watchtower.

  • scratchme1010

    That sounds like a whole lot. I'm always the Devil's advocate, so I wonder if there's a way of verifying those numbers.

  • Listener

    These are some quick figures that I could find

    1999 Yearbook reports 2,083 congregations in Germany.

    2017 Around the World on JW org lists 2159 Congregations in Germany

    164,243 ave pubs in Germany in 2016

    If the number of congregations has dropped that significantly in Germany in the last few years then there would be a noticeable drop in publishers over that time as well and I don't recall that as being reported.

  • smiddy3

    As much as I would love that to be true I would like to see verification of those numbers ,it just doesn`t sound right.

    I hope I am wrong.

  • LV101

    LTPF -- thanks for the video and info.

  • freddo

    I have in my hand the 2016 yearbook which shows 2,187 congs for the 2015 service year.

    2015 peak publishers 165,754 ave 163,871

  • Crazyguy

    Someone over a Reddit post numbers going back each year for a few years. According to his numbers in 2013 the number of congregations closed went way up to 62 and continued to rise and the last couple of years well over 100 per year. Don’t know where he got his info from. He’s says it may have to do with changes of each congregations legal status and possible reductions from the LDC.

    He also just posted that his sources are research in Germany of closed halls. Info provided at JW.borg and other official sources. He lists a German website as well of I believe all the sold halls. The website listed is https://www.jehovaszeugen.de/amtsblatt.44.0.html

  • VW.org

    Must be true. Check this link out. Works out to be close to the quoted number. Notice since 2015, the number significantly increases. That is around the time of the ARC.


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