Sentimentality Test.

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  • hillary_step

    Isn't that the song that Charles Manson wrote? If I remember correctly it was originally titled, " No Charge, For You I'll Do The Hit For Nothing".


  • azaria
    azaria she reaches for her kleenex box, vowing never to read Esmerelda’s posts again.

    Kidding aside, I have to say your post touched me more, maybe because I have a daughter, that was very much like that for the first 12 years of her life. She was the sweetest child you could imagine. She’s going through all the normal things a 16 goes through, but I find it really difficult sometimes. Hope you survived the day okay.

  • wednesday

    i got all warm and fuzzy, but i also cry at commercials, soaps, long distance phone companies selling the friends and family plan, PBS doing their annual money raising thing,the movie 'the Big Chill", The Star Spanngled Banner, and the feed the children people really get to me.

  • Aztec

    Expat, I'd send it to ya if I wasn't a diehard commitment phobe! ;) LOL @ HS! ~Aztec

  • Surreptitious
  • Surreptitious

    Wait a second! I thought it was multiple choice. A or B. Didn't realize it was a sliding scale. In that case....x

  • Farkel


    I never thought I would never see a homily from Englishman, especially one like this! I think I'm going to throw up now. This is Ann Landers stuff!


  • Sunspot

    Usually, I'm the biggest sap on this earth----I choke up over the silliest things. Even watching Animal Planet the other night (Animal Cops) the tears were sliding on down my cheeks when a kitten next to death's door was wrapped in warm towels and had pop bottles filled with warm water placed all around her. She was found almost frozen to death, but "made it". Cutest little thing.

    The same with a dog that was left chained up outside, and was eating snow to survive, and didn't have the strength to stand up when the rescue workers got to him; just kept whapping his tail at them when they showed him the tiniest bit of kindness.

    BUT...I have seen that "list" several times before (dontcha HATE those "FWDS" people send?) and it's intended impact was lost on me due to familiarity with that piece.

    OTOH....Essie's post brought the leaky-eye syndrome right back.......cuz I used to sing that song ALL the time, to the Autistic (Asperger's Syndrome) grandson we're raising, when he was a baby, so it meant something special to me.

    Thanks for sharing, Essie! That was sweet!



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