Wanting Less Involvement (long newbie story)

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  • ttdtt

    Thanks for telling your story. Of course its a very familiar to so many of us.

    I loved what you said here - it is SO TRUE! I know I did and so many others did. Makes it easy to follow the path of least resistance with that thought that the New System is around the corner anyway so your not loosing out.

    Sometimes I think I used this religion as an excuse to fail.

    As for your other strategy:
    DONT DONT just marry someone who is weak. Please find someone you love for real (outside the org)!
    You will take the chance that he is not who you want really and that he may at somepoint want to be Strong in the Truth in the future - then your screwed.

    Speaking of that. Start having sex as much and as often as you can (safely) - you will NEVER get these years back!!!!!!!
    You can live a double life without getting caught if you are smart. Really you will regret it so much when you are older. If you already have regrets about it now, imagine what it will feel like when your 50.

    If you marry out of the "Troof" to someone you love, it can be a good way to FADE.

    KEEP THIS IN MIND! Someday you will have kids, you dont want ANY chance of them getting in the CULT!!!!!!

  • hongkong123

    I am doubtful of 'having sex as much as you want' mentioned by ttdtt.

    I can tell you need to be well-prepared to leave the JW - with strong belief and determination, not merely a desire for a husband or love. It will be tough after you have left the JW...It takes time to heal especially you are so involved in it.

    If you decide to leave, do not hesitate. The longer you stay, the more setback and frustration you need to withstand in the future.

  • tiki

    My heart goes out to you...I know exactly what you are expressing. First and foremost build a life away from the witnesses. Get involved in things that interest you...yoga classes...art classes...anything where there are people with like interests...force yourself to get involved. You'll meet new people and develop a healthy networking system.. Then along the line you'll have some dates...some duds, some so so...but eventually you'll meet the right guy. Don't worry about sex...just be honest, be you and live free. Good luck, honey...

  • redpilltwice

    Welcome! (better late than never). Quite some listening ears over here right? A good thing.

    Hope all the advice and experiences will help you to come to the right conclusions and decisions.

    Greetings from Holland!

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