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    They are already cutting back the living conditions for Bethelites in third world countries. I was talking to a brother I know in the WDC and he was saying about the fact that Bethels have always had good first world living standards. They were finding that many were coming to Bethel as a route to escape poverty at home.

    As part of the cutbacks they are limiting the standards of living for accommodation to that which would be considered good by local standards. This would reduce things like AC, number of rooms, people in rooms, quality of building etc. This reduces costs during design and build as well as in-life.

    Of course, there are many existing buildings which already have a good standard of fit-out but remember that they are reducing branch facilities and concentrating on Remote Translation Offices. These projects involve far smaller buildings and since they are only used by locals can have more basic fit-outs than facilities where visiting dignities from HQ need to be accommodated.

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