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  • pepperheart

    What other cut backs do you think will be coming or might be coming these next few years for the borg ?

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    I keep predicting this, so let me do it again.

    Yearly CO visits instead of six months. Cuts the CO expense bill in half.

  • oppostate

    The CO's aren't expensive for the 0rg.

    All their expenses are paid by the local cong's.

    But the rumor that the CO's jobs had been considered being made into local super elder / regional-circuit-part-time overseers has been around for years now.

    The only advantage would seem to be distancing the GoBo's and JW.0rg from legal action.

  • bohm

    I am thinking an additional cut in the number of printed pages is on the cards. Perhaps merging awake/public WT or making one of them "online-only".

  • ToesUp
    Current elder arrangement will go away. You know how they replaced the RBC with the LDC. New and improved in name only...with the same crap!
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Since financial reports are not announced for Regional Conventions, the org could create a win-win situation by making them 2-day rallies rather than 3 days.

    The org would make considerable savings (on a worldwide scale!) and not only would millions of J.W.'s save a significant amount of cash on fuel/travelling/accommodation costs, most would heave a great sigh of relief at not having to travel on a Friday with all its stresses, and forfeit a day's income into the bargain. (increased donations?)

    Everyone (in the org) would come out a winner!

    The sheeple would definitely be joyful at such a change and agree wholeheartedly that it "makes sense."

  • Lostandfound

    Already it the work at branch regarding appointment/deletion of elders and m servants , a question though, does the CO still read to elders at end of visit his report and send it to the branch office, or has that already gone? Thanks

    Groups abolished , was always told that in case of persecution the book study centre was your lifeline, well now you have none.

    Field Service, is that still arranged by the former group study members through the former group study conductor, or is it hit and miss now.

    Kingdom Hall consolidation well underway.

    Ranch, miss typing but seems suitable for Branch,oversight arrangement also being consolidated, with major reductions of branch offices.

    London, as a branch of international significance, likely to see the countries,areas it supports moved to German oversight.

    New London bethel complex project, I think that will be downsized again as a result of above and loss of status of Britain branch

    Printing of anything handed out to commercial concerns, worlds printers drastically short of work so WT could get rock bottom rates.

    Another post on here has dealt with hypocrisy of JWs accepting food etc from worlds churches/charities, I can see a secretly approved organisational guide to the help available, or directing elders to help needy approach churches, Red Cross etc.

    No changes to blood issue, shunning, authority of GB, too big a change for any of those to be able to swallow

  • btlc

    @The Searcher: ... 2-day rallies rather than 3 days

    That is mine line of thinking too. They already cutted other conventions (idk how it call on english) from 2 to 1 day. And that will be an perfect opportunity to slap faces of loyal JW once again, this time to those who had to quit or lose jobs because of free friday.

  • nonjwspouse

    online only literature and books for the R&F in first world countries. Any printed materials from the WT will be preordered with pre payments The R&F will be expected to print their own or pay for a pre order. They may follow more of the scientology model, with more and more literature ( some not available online) "necessary" to purchase.

    Online becoming two tires,such as the public and study watchtower. The JW "study" access to be a paid for service.

    WT printers will be taking on outside paid work ( Isn't this already being done?)

    The continued real estate sell offs, and purchasing investment "flips" or easily resellable builds, in order to have the money invested, and not open to seizure by the courts.

  • wannaexit

    I would predict that they are going to push more online and less printed and will continue to become more mainstream.

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