What would happen to your country if you could exchange your president for Trump?

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  • sparky1

    Don't be fooled, LV101. Trump feeds at the government trough just like the rest of them: Republican or Democrat. Like his father before him, much of his wealth comes from government subsidized housing. I am not supporting the Democrat Ideologues by pointing this out but I am tired of the Saintification (not a real word, just one I made up) of Trump by so many people.

  • Theonlyoneleft

    I would swap Mr Boris for the New Zealand prime minister.

    Jacinda Arden.

  • LV101

    sparky - I'm not surprised and now vaguely recall hearing something like that -- I'll google at some point not that I trust the info but facts should rear head at some point. I appreciate hearing all sides. Is there any integrity left out there! I do recall President Trump having to fight/help his father out re/big revamp/bid on contract but at that point I wasn't too into politics.


  • hoser

    I don’t think Fred Trump ever needed his son Donald’s help. Donald’s father and grandfather were self made men.

    The older trump dodged the army draft in the 1800s in Germany and made his fortune running whorehouses in British Columbia and Whitehorse Yukon.

    Fred trump started building rental properties when he was 18 years old and ended up owning 27000 apartment units.

  • sparky1

    Here you go LV101:


    I have no desire to bash President Trump over the condition of this complex because he does not own a controlling interest. That is out of his control. What I find fascinating is that he inherited his percentage of the property from his father and he makes millions a year from it. And it "is the nation's biggest federally subsidized apartment development."

    edit: The link does not seem to work. I guess you'll have to Google it yourself. Sorry.

  • LV101

    Thx, sparky1 - I will check out. I'm so sick of crooks fleecing the people via the government - nothing new. Like the SBA loan/scams recently reported. Figures the crooks reap off all that money.

  • Simon

    I'd swap Trudeau for Trump any day.

    Trudeau has broken the law as PM, twice!

    He's an embarrassment and the country is going to shit because of him and his cronyism.

  • fulano

    Trump would be a blessing for the EU!

  • BluesBrother

    Nothing personal on my part, I generally avoid threads on American politics. But ,

    I am sure most Brits would be horrified at the idea of Mr Trump in charge of this country.

  • snugglebunny

    I'd rather have Trump than Corbyn! Let's just hope Boris does a good job. It's time we had a leader rather than an appeaser-manager.

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