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    I just took a break for lunch but mentally couldn't leave this subject alone. Especially in comparison with my life.

    Let me say first off that I admire people who are willing to explore their educational interests and build on that foundation.

    Between my wife and I, who was my former pioneer partner when we left the religion over 50 years ago, we had and still do......... one C Minus high school diploma between us. But we were both readers and that helped us to get out of this foolish religion.

    I retired at age 60 and we live a modest life with no debt. I became a volunteer as did my wife. She however is also a serious Artist, pursued her art work and now exhibits in museums.

    I still read 5 to 8 books a month. I have books tucked away in all rooms ......including the bathroom.

    I also try to read every post on this forum cause you guys are part of my lost tribe and I am more then comfortable learning from all of you.

    I recently stepped down after 7 years of being the vice president of a volunteer historic preservation board. We have a university and a military school in our small city so having PhDs on our board was not a big deal. Also Colonels and once a General.

    Occasionally I would serve as the Chair of the board. And I'd look at all of these wonderfully educated experienced people and pinch myself...... then we would dig into the Agenda. Afterward some would complement me on my role as Chair. Mainly I think because I kept the meeting on subject and on time and they got to get on with their already busy lives.

    What can I add to this delightful thread..... only what I have learned from the school of hard knocks.

    Keep an eye on the big picture.......... that's the only way you see unintended consequences coming your way and still have a chance to deal with it.

    Get good advice from the best people but don't overlook the person doing humble work.

    Always be kind. That's a small thing that pays off big time. Also it helps everyone including yourself.

    Don't lie, don't say anything......... if you can't tell the truth.

    You have a choice........ you can make a buck or save fifty cents....best to do both.

    Finally, If the shit hits the fan remember to unplug the fan first.

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