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  • LoveUniHateExams

    Just thought I'd start a thread about what I've been up to recently. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

    So here goes ...

    I'm interested in enrolling for a master's degree and I've almost completed it. I just need one more reference, plus I need to sort out the finances.

    I'd been claiming universal credit for 2 years after graduating from uni. I did some voluntary work at Cancer Research UK in 2017, from Feb to Oct.

    If the job centre offered me paid work I couldn't refuse it. So from Oct last year until the present I've been working in a warehouse. The money's better that benefits but the work is mind-numbingly boring and repetitive. But at least I'm earning an honest wage and paying the bills.

    Since the work is pretty boring, I thought I'd have some kind of hobby outside work. I've always been interested in languages so in December I decided I would try to learn Arabic.

    I chose this language because my only knowledge of Arabic words had been those related to extremist Muslims - 'mujahideen', terrorists shouting 'Allahu akbar!', 'Al-Khilafah', etc. - and so I thought it would be sad if I didn't try to understand or get to know ordinary Arabic speakers by learning their language.

    I also chose it because it is a challenge - it's so different compared to English. Some sounds are difficult to pronounce - I have particular difficulty in pronouncing the Arabic consonant ʿayn. I recognise it when I hear it but getting it right when saying it is a nightmare!

    I only know a few phrases and words but I've already learnt to read and write the Arabic alphabet, thanks to this lady, Maha Yakoub (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RcgfyuBlz8). She's a Palestinian Arab who is Christian and is fluent in Arabic, English, Hebrew and Italian. If I'm going to continue a proper study of Arabic, I need to buy myself a decent teach yourself book, complete with dvds, and work through that as best I can.

    As for my beliefs or lack of them, I accept evolution and don't believe in God. I dislike organised religion and strongly believe government should regulate it. I have recently been feeling like 'what's the point of life' - a bit like some of Punkofnice's comments. I need to get my head together and convince myself that my life is precious, like all of your lives.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    this life is all your gonna get--so make every minute count.

  • ctrwtf
    "Your life is an occasion, rise to it." - Mr. Magorium
  • cofty

    Well done on your degree. What was the subject? Your degree is an asset you need to make it work for you now.

    Make a plan. If you can get a career you enjoy life will be good. Use Snare&Racket as inspiration.

  • Giordano

    I admire your strength of character.....getting higher learning,willing to work at whatever pays the bills and keeping your mind engaged.

    I dislike organised religion and strongly believe government should regulate it.

    I can agree with that as well. However It is the actions that need to be regulated. No stoning to death, burning, beating, child abuse, wife or husband abuse.

    Most religions have conformed but there are still religions that ignore cause great harm.

    If a religion acts like a monster it should be destroyed by the government not embraced.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Thanks Stan, Ctrwtf & Cofty.

    What was the subject? - my degree was Biology, and I specialised in animal biology. My final year dissertation/project focused on wolf behaviour - affiliative, agonistic and exploratory.

    I've always been interested in dinosaurs and fossils so I'm eager to apply for Palaeobiology (MSc) at Bristol uni.

    Of course, they might not accept me so perhaps I should try to apply for Palaeobiology/Palaeontology degrees elsewhere, too?

    The money from the warehouse work is ok for now but the actual work is a pain in the ass.

    Use Snare&Racket as inspiration - yes that's gotta be good advice. I admire Snare for what he has achieved. He's gone from window-washing publisher to a qualified medical doctor - fantastic!

    I admire your strength of character..... - thank you Giordano, because I sometimes think that I'm a weak-willed bastard.

    Although TBH at uni I really did try hard. My attendance was very good and I revised for exams like my life depended on it. Hand on heart, I can definitely say that I got the most from my time at uni.

  • cofty
    my degree was Biology, and I specialised in animal biology.

    I'm jealous.

    How about teaching?

  • Xanthippe

    Hi LUHE. I don't think we should be afraid or thoughts like 'what's the point if life'?'. It doesn't necessarily mean you're depressed. Reflection is a good thing because life is complex. Deciding where you want to go next and thinking what you really want to do will generate questions about the meaning of life.

    Suggestions? Well my daughter just got her masters in English literature. She just started her first job, working as a teaching assistant in September. She loves it and has been using the time to decide if she wants to get a teaching qualification.

    The thing is she has long holidays working at a school but it means she can write. She has always wanted to be a writer as did her father, so she's going to give it a go. In fact she's already got a trilogy of books planned that she started when doing Alevels. Now if she becomes a teacher she will find it tricky to find time to write because they work through holidays marking books and planning next terms' lessons. So we shall have to see.

    If you do want to go into teaching you could always try teaching assistant work with secondary school kids and see if you like it. Where my daughter lives there are agencies that find teaching assistants for schools. If you start and then decide to do a teaching assistant qualification online you can get about £18,000 with grade three.

    Or you can do a PGCE and go into teaching. There are also schools that let you learn teaching on the job but you have to go wherever in the country they want you to go. That will start off at about £21,000 which is not bad when you're an unqualified teacher. I hope this helps.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I'm jealous - ha ha!

    Although TBH you already know more about my specialist subject than I do - particularly in the fields of genetics and evolution!

    How about teaching? - well, me and my fellow students were asked that at the start of our degrees. We were getting feedback from our first essay 'Why Are You Studying Biology?' and our lecturers were keen to ask us about teaching.

    I answered that although I recognise teaching as a worthwhile profession, I didn't feel that I could be organised, communicative and hard-working to that level, as teachers must be.

    But, having said that, I met up with my inlaws and family in Aviemore, Scotland again for New Years celebrations.

    My cousin Jen's eldest is a two-and-a-half year old boy called Rolly. He's a lovely kid, with curly hair and a cheeky smile, and he's interested in animals and dinosaurs. I interacted with him quite well, and I was impressed with the way his speech and knowledge has been developing. I picked up a plastic dinosaur of his and asked him what it was. Quick as a flash, he answered 'Triceratops!'

    So maybe I could think about teaching. I think I could perhaps be good with small children and with sixth-form students who want to learn. But stroppy teenagers who have no interest in the subject being taught and instead are thinking about getting drunk, smoking MJ, getting off with so-and-so, or watching porn - forget it!

    Can't be doing with that!

  • jp1692
    LUHE: maybe I could think about teaching ...

    I can recommend it as a noble and very rewarding (albeit not necessarily monetarily) profession.

    Feel free to PM me if you'd like!

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