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  • JH

    Either you spend alot or you're stingy. There seems to be no in between.

    I know many people who have lots of money, because they don't buy anthing. They will keep old stuff for years and don't have the desire to buy anything.

    On the other hand some people spend all their money and can't control themselves. In a way some spend more than they earn.

    Some will say that life is short, so might as well spend and have fun, while other play safe and put money away fearing hard times. OK, it depends on your salary, but do you think you spend too much and go overboard?

  • StinkyPantz

    Where is there no title?

  • Brummie

    I thought people who hoarded stuff were the poor ones. I think its wise to save but I spend as and when we've got the money. Keep meaning to save up but it seems its gone before I get the chance.


  • Sadie5

    this is an area where hubby and I learned from each other and reached an agreeable middle ground most of the time.

    I was a cheapskate type person, I would always look at price tags first and make my decision based on price. He was the opposite, looked for the best a store had to offer, or make a decision based on features or color or taste.

    I could also browse through stores for hours and not buy anything. for him there was too many items crying out, "buy me!"

    a lot of the stuff that I bought, which was the absolute cheapest, would fall apart and I would buy it again and again. He bought good stuff so it held up for years and years. So I've learned to look at quality instead of just price. he 's learned that sometimes they put a lot of features on things that you won't use anyway so maybe the model just below the best is the one that has everything you'll need and it's lower in price too.

    Grocery shopping was a big issue for us too. Being a typical cheapskate, I bought all the store brand, generic products. He had always bought manufactured brands for everything. He complained the food tasted terrible. I would complain about prices if he picked up brand names. It's been taste and decide through the years. I have to agree that on some items there is a big difference between brand name and generic. And he had to agree that on some things, the generic tasted as good as the brand name at a much lower price. So our grocery cart is a mix of brand names(higher price) and generic products. keeps everyone happy.

    As far as saving, we've had periods where we could save and then usually followed by a period when something used it up. but it was good to have the money on hand to cover whatever came up. Better than using credit cards.


  • Englishman


    The only actual way we save money is by the increasing saleable value of our home. I could sell it for around £150,000 and buy an identical place elswhere for half that amount.

    We could also live a nicer place if we curtailed our holidays and nights out. We won't do that though! Life style, not possessions is our choice.


  • expatbrit

    Think equity, not cash!


  • Maverick

    The people I deal with spend money to make money. If you think in hundred you attract hundreds, think in thousand and you attract thousands. Money is a tool. It is of little value unless you 'cash it in'. Money comes and goes but people are were the real value lies. Most of the wealthy people, ( eight figures or better) that I work for know the value of other people. That's what keeps them in the know and subsequently in the money. Money is just a by-product of their interaction. If any one gets the 'greed bug, they will avoid that one. That usually happens to the newbies. These people will test you out. Rip them off for a few thousand and you cut yourself off from hundreds of thousands. Trust is everything. Maverick

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Pressed to finance the Civil War, the US government resumed printing paper currency for the first time since it issued Continentals.

    Open up your wallet - if you’re carrying some cash on you, chances are its a Federal Reserve Note. Following the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, these notes became the dominant form of paper currency in America. Over the years, these notes have changed very little - they have been reduced in size in 1929 and the words "In God We Trust" were added in 1955.

    Currently, the $100 bill is the largest currency note in circulation. The largest bill ever circulated

  • JH

    A few years ago the 1000$ bills were still in cirulation. My uncle always had a couple in his pocket just to flash...

    Today they would be worthless. You had only a certain period of time to change them. Imagine finding a 1000$ bill that was good 4 years ago, and now worthless....

    I found that infomation on internet last year. I was really surprised by that.

  • JH

    Here, I found it on internet.

    If you still have 1000$ canadian dollar bills that were good 4 years ago, well now they are WORTHLESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! be patient, let it download.

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