Your out now - what do you say when they come to the door?

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  • DJ


    I would have been shocked to learn that we are saved by grace when I was in dubland. I absolutley postively was NOT taught anything close to that. I assumed that all jws believed the same divisions, right? Well, about a week ago I had the opportunity to speak with my jw mom about grace aka undeserved kindness and she told me that she knows that she does not deserve salvation and that is is by His kindess. What has my mom been up to? Is there new light? I was so surprised by her answer that I could only mutter an, "oh". I'm not even sure what to say to her next. She floored me. What do you think she really meant by that? Didn't the guy at the guy act like he knew already too? Do you think that they are learning about some kind of undeserved but, sorta kinda deserving...kindness or what? Thanks, dj

    To answer the thread question....sorry!.....they don't come here. They came to my old house once and when my husband invited them in to discuss the blood policy they said that the had people in the car and had to go.........? He had 23 transfusions when he had a motorcycle accident and they knew 'of' him. dj

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    DJ yes I have heard that from JWs too but they don't seem to realize they are caught up in the works for salvation - the thought just doesn't occur or if it does it gets submerged in all the doublespeak

  • hippikon

    I think I would ask for a free home bible study.

  • Sangdigger


    I think Lady Lee pretty much said it all. I had the same conversation with my father some time ago, and he said the same thing. He readily agreed on salvation by grace, and that without Jesus, there would be no hope. But what they dont believe is that Jesus did it ALL. They think there is something they can add to it. One of the WT's most favorite expressions when refering to Jesus, is "He paved the way" In other words, they believe he just made it possible, but the rest is all up to you. I think it would be unthinkable for them to accept that he finished the job, pleased God, and just rest in that fact alone. They have to produce something of themselves to attempt to please God, and it also gives them a sort of security, thinking God is satisfied with that. So really Grace to them only goes so far. It doesnt accomplish salvation, only makes it a possibility, with the rest all hinging on you.

  • dedalus
    Your out now - what do you say when they come to the door?

    Man, I wish they would come to my door! Since I've left the organization I've lived in two major cities and one suburb. I've encountered Hare Krishnas dancing and chanting in front of a public library, Mormons in backpacks politely knocking at respectable hours, Jesuits passionately conversing in artsy coffee houses, Jews walking in droves on brisk Saturday evenings, and foul-smelling drunks waving doomsday cardboard signs at passersby. Not a single, solitary Witness. No, wait, I saw a guy reading a Kingdom Ministry on the T in Boston once. But it didn't seem he wanted to be noticed.

    Statistically, if the Witness hype is to be believed, I should have been reached at some point during my two year absence from the community in which I grew up. I sure was home a lot! But, nada. Doesn't bode well for the whole "good news will be preached all over the fucking earth, and then the end will come" shtick.

    Anyway, I don't know what I'd say if the Witnesses would came, and I suppose I won't find out for a long, long while. I'm back in my old community, where the Witnesses know to steer clear of me and my family. But, someday, if they do come, I think I'd just ad lib something from whatever pathetic magazine they were offering. There are so many ridiculous things about Witnesses, I don't think it'd take long to think of some witty remark that would satisfy me.


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