Your out now - what do you say when they come to the door?

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  • shamus

    Okay - you have left the org. It's done. You move to another town - like, lets say that they call on you every 2 months, and they have NO IDEA who you are, like me. I am sure that there are some of you out there.....

    What do you say to them when they come to the door????

    I told one lady that I knew who she was and that I was not interested. No goodbye from her, nothin'. Old b*&%, coming to my door, giving ME attitude.

    What do you say? Its saturday, and the doorbell is ringing!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I'm a silentlamb

    and if they don't know what that means I tell them

    works like a charm every time

  • be wise
    be wise

    I'm sorry I've said this before but I don't think I could humanly resist the bucket of water, childish - yes, satisfying - oh yes.

    Well it would depend who's at my door. I would answer the door first and depending on what type of JW I sussed them out to be, I would either talk to them honestly or I would just wind them up (if they deserved it) or just take the piss in a subtle way and play around with them - like I said, depends on the individual and the type of mood I'm in at the time. If they were and I was feeling they would get very wet. If they were and I was feeling I hate to think what I'd do.

    be wise(r than me.)

  • blondie

    Don't know yet. No one has come to the door yet. But there are several choices:

    If they recognize me and it is 2 elders, "Did you forget to call first like I requested?" (I have made it known that my pet peeve is elders showing up unannounced.)

    Then, "I guess it proves that you are not concerned about "my" feelings. This is not a good time. Try calling next time."

    If it is 1/2 publishers in the 'ministry' that do not recognize me, I plan on posing a question about the child abuse issue referring to either Dateline or Connie Chung's show. "Is it true that 2 people have to witness a person molesting a child before the person that was molested will be believed?" Then I will show them this statement from the WT official media site.

    When any one of Jehovah's Witnesses is accused of an act of child abuse, the local congregation elders are expected to investigate. Two elders meet separately with the accused and the accuser to see what each says on the matter. If the accused denies the charge, the two elders may arrange for him and the victim to restate their position in each other's presence, with elders also there. If during that meeting the accused still denies the charges and there are no others who can substantiate them, the elders cannot take action within the congregation at that time. Why not? As a Bible-based organization, we must adhere to what the Scriptures say, namely, "No single witness should rise up against a man respecting any error or any sin . . . At the mouth of two witnesses or at the mouth of three witnesses the matter should stand good." (Deuteronomy 19:15) Jesus reaffirmed this principle as recorded at Matthew 18:15-17. However, if two persons are witnesses to separate incidents of the same kind of wrongdoing, their testimony may be deemed sufficient to take action.

    Then I will show them in my Amplified Bible where only one witness was required for an engaged woman to be believed when she accuses someone of rape.

    Deuteronomy 22 25 But if a man finds the betrothed maiden in the open country and the man seizes her and lies with her, then only the man who lay with her shall die. 26 But you shall do nothing to the young woman; she has committed no sin punishable by death, for this is as when a man attacks and slays his neighbor,
    27 For he came upon her in the open country, and the betrothed girl cried out, but there was no one to save her.


  • oldcrowwoman

    My apt number is 7. Its marked by the jw's as being DA'ed. So for 20 years they have not come to my door. I say that is a long time carrying a grudge!!!!!!

    Now that I have the armor to stand up to them. I blast them out their panties with my association to SilentLambs and certainly receive a ear full,

    I hope I get that opportunity!!!!


  • DanTheMan
    Okay - you have left the org. It's done. You move to another town - like, lets say that they call on you every 2 months, and they have NO IDEA who you are, like me. I am sure that there are some of you out there.....

    What do you say to them when they come to the door????

    I moved right around the time I DA'd (March 2002). An older woman and another woman closer to my age came to my door about a month ago. I waffled a bit on whether or not to open the door, but I decided to try to give it a go. Unfortunately my adrenal glands started pumping, and I think I came off pretty nasty. I regret it, I'm sure I'm on the DNC list now. I wish I had been more tactful and calm about it.

  • freedom96

    They just don't come around my door. No one knows where I live, and have no reason to avoid me; I simply faded away.

    If they did come by, we sure could have some fun.

  • Sangdigger

    They usually come around about once every 2 years, but bypass my house, because of being on the list of local apostates i guess. Plus, i live in unasigned territory, so when they do come around, theyre usually not local. So i was quite surprised when two women and a man (middle age) showed up about 2 months ago. I happened to be home wich is even more rare, and spotted them comming up the driveway. So i met them at the porch steps, and let him go through most of the presentation, then, i asked him if i could use his bible. He looked a little puzzled, then said ok, so i turned to Romans, and showed him the verse "there is none righteous, no not even one" and asked him if he thought we could merit gods forgiveness, or mercy. He said "i guess not" and then i proceeded to show him several other scriptures, hammering home the idea of grace, as opposed to works. After the first scripture, i had complete control of the conversation. I had his bible, and was looking up all the scriptures. He slipped the magazines back in his briefcase, and impatiently waited for a break, so he could make a run for it. The people in the car were getting impatient as well.

    Then my neighbor invited him in, and asked him if he could name the 7 names of Jehovah. He couldnt (most of them cant) and my neighbor named off about 4 or 5 of them, and told him to wait right there while he got a tract that named them. When he returned, the JW was gone. Vanished. He told me about it later, and asked me if that was normal, them running off.

    Most of you probably know the 7 fold name of Jehovah (old testament) but ill put them here for those that dont. Its a real good way to show them when they come to your door how much they really know about the book they claim to know so much about.

    Jehovah-Jireh = The Lord will see to it. (Genesis 22:14)

    Jehovah-Rapha = The lord will heal you. (Exodus 15:26)

    Jehovah-Nissi = The lord our banner.(protection) (Exodus 17:15)

    Jehovah-Shalom = The Lord our peace. (Judges 6:24)

    Jehovah-Raha = The Lord our Sheppard. ((Psalm 23)

    Jehovah-Tsidkenu = The Lord our Righteousness. (Jeremiah 23:6)

    Jehovah-Shama = The Lord is there. (our friend) (Ezekial 48:35)

  • nowisee

    sanddigger, i will try to remember your post if they ever come to my door again.

    my responses to jws at the door have evolved over the 27 years i have been away.

    at first i tried to pretend i was nh. would avoid any contact.

    then one day i opened the door to an old man and a young boy. the old man started yelling at me when i told him i was a former jw, saying that i KNEW it was the truth.....

    i have moved since then -- a young man and a boy knocked just as i was going past screen door - they started....i told them i was VERY familiar with their teachings and was not interested.....

    business brought me into contact with the son of someone i used to know -- i saw his name on his business card, saw the resemblance, asked if he was related to.... he was surprised, asked how i knew his father. i told him i was xjw. he was shocked, he asked, but what about the "truth"?? i told him i just did not believe it anymore -- at that time i had just finished reading "the orwellian world of jehovah's witnesses". asked him if he wanted the old copies of studies in the scriptures that were collecting dust in the basement and yes he took them.

    now i would welcome the opportunity to speak to them. not sure exactly what i would say, but i would certainly try to engage them.

  • Francois

    "Odds are that one of you is a pederast. Begone."


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