Review: revised Elder's manual, part 4 (final part)

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Here's the cruel, uncomfortable and dehumanizing description of transport for disfellowshipped ones:

    In cases of real need, the elders can determine wheth-
    er some assistance may be provided. Such assistance would be
    viewed as similar to public transportation in that there should be
    no conversing with the disfellowshipped or disassociated person.
    (2 John 10, 11) The elders should monitor the situation to make
    sure that any arrangements made are not abused.

    As usual, the org wants no liability, but all the benefits:

    no con-
    gregation should conclude that it "owns" the Kingdom Hall. How-
    ever, it is the responsibility of the congregations using the prop-
    erty to care for it
    It is expected that the majority of the maintenance and repair
    work will be done by local volunteers in the congregations using
    the Kingdom Hall and that the costs for such work will be cov-
    ered by the congregations.

    Regarding getting rid of old publications:

    In the event that the bodies of elders decide to eliminate printed
    publications from the library, care should be taken not to discard
    items that have historical significance. The branch office may wish
    to add such items to its library or to its archive of historical ma-

    Records of judicial cases are to be kept for 5 years in most cases. Child molesters' are kept for life. Those who adulturously remarry are also kept for life, unless the innocent spouse dies, remarries or has sex.

    When it comes to public witnessing, again, they want no liability:

    Any application to
    use a mobile cart or to set up a table or kiosk to display litera-
    ture must be filled out in the name of an individual publisher, not
    in the name of the congregation, any corporation used by the or-
    ganization, or "Jehovah's Witnesses." If a small administrative fee
    is needed in order to acquire space in a public area, it is to be
    paid by the individual publisher, not the congregation. Publishers
    should carefully review any such applications to see what respon-
    sibility they are taking upon themselves with respect to liability.
    Publishers who apply to distribute literature at these areas are
    doing so on their own initiative as part of their personal ministry.

    However, this is belied by their obvious control of the whole situation:

    The Congregation Service Com-
    mittee will determine what equipment (including posters) will be
    used and where it will be stored. Only artwork approved by the
    branch office should be displayed.
    The equipment will remain the property of the congregation.
    the cost of the public witnessing equip-
    ment will be covered by their contributions to the worldwide work.
    The Congregation Service
    Committee will select qualified baptized publishers to participate
    in this feature of the ministry
    the service overseer or someone
    designated by the body of elders should organize a midweek and
    weekend schedule for each selected location
    The training should be based on Public Witnessing Guidelines (S-148), and a copy of that document should
    be provided to those participating. The group overseer and his as-
    sistant will monitor and assist publishers
    the service overseer will determine the quantity of
    literature to be displayed

    What should be the highlight of our ministry? God's Kingdom? Salvation by Christ? Maybe something else:

    Publishers should widely publicize

    Next, they give a diagnosis of "spiritual weakness", which is not necessarily anything of the sort, but is often the sign of waking up, and disenchantment with the organization:

    7. Symptoms of spiritual weakness may include loss of enthusiasm
    for the truth, neglecting daily Bible reading and personal study
    or attendance at congregation meetings, missing entire months
    of field service activity, undue emphasis on the pursuit of plea-
    sure or material things, or criticizing the elders and the organi-

    More disclaimers, this time about parties. You can't call them "congregation gatherings" anymore, this'll be a big cultural change:

    Individuals who host social events bear personal responsibility for
    what occurs at the event. Such individuals should not state or
    imply that they are acting on behalf of the congregation. They
    should not use terms such as "congregation picnic" or "congrega-
    tion gathering."

    And finally, one more ditching of liability for the road:

    All publishers perform their ministry motivated by their
    dedication to Jehovah and their personal obedience to
    Jesus Christ's command, not in behalf of the
    congregation or any other organization. This is the case
    whether the publisher expends time working on
    construction projects, in relief work, or any other
    activity that advances Kingdom interests.
  • HiddenPimo

    Look at all those rules and only one verse for them all.

  • Ding

    The organization micromanages every aspect of JWs' lives but takes no responsibility for any of it.

  • nowwhat?

    Thanks NBD for your efforts!

  • westiebilly11

    The Truth shall set you free....really?..Arbeit macht frei..perhaps?

  • Room 215
    Room 215


  • blondie

    Thanks NBD, downloading as I post. And the Talmud grows.

  • Earnest

    There is also one small correction I would suggest in this post.

    You wrote :

    Records of judicial cases are to be kept for 5 years in most cases. Child molesters' are kept for life. Those who adulturously remarry are also kept for life, unless the innocent spouse dies, remarries or has sex.

    I would suggest you add :

    Records of judicial cases involving those who have not been reinstated should be kept indefinitely. The records of those who have been reinstated should be kept for five years AFTER reinstatement. Child molesters' are kept for life. Those who adulturously remarry are also kept for life, unless the innocent spouse dies, remarries or has sex.

  • john.prestor

    Individual Witnesses need to pay the administrative fee? So insulting, they go out there to make converts so people can donate their money to the Governing Body. And they make you pay to advertise their religion. Incredible.

    I also love that they throw in the most important point of spiritual weakness, criticizing the elders in the organization, right at the end. Don't people say that's what you're supposed to do if you're trying to slip something by someone, throw it in right at the end? Classic.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    blondie hit the nail on the head with this one:

    And the Talmud grows.

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