JWs unrecognisable compared to my grandfathers time

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  • Diogenesister

    I like that!

    Truthlover123 Money talks - conscience walks!
  • Gorb

    It makes me sad, realizing all this.


  • HiddlesWife

    One aspect which is a GOOD THING that is occurring in the organization is that the ATTENDANCE NUMBERS are getting LESS AND LESS, as displayed by the convention tallies this convention season. ExJW Reddit and other YouTube vids are showing all of this:


    This is certainly ONE MAIN CHANGE that many are now excited about! 😀👏🏼

  • smiddy3

    They coulda / shoulda rented a much smaller venue and saved a lot more money.

  • Ron.W.
    here we are 2023 and the next generation has grown up propagating old ideas from men who have all died already..

    How very true that is - and the current jw's defend these out of date doctrines so aggressively!!🤷‍♂️

  • Phizzy

    " and the current j .w's defend these out of date doctrines so aggressively!!🤷‍♂️"

    But, they cannot do so EFFECTIVELY to the Public, that is another change from the days when I was young, we all used to have the ability to go toe to toe with anyone over Doctrine, I had several long discussions with Pastors/Vicars and on one occasion a Bishop ! I "sold" him the magazines, we charged for 'em then, he asked " How much will you charge me for these?" and I replied, giving a figure, and said " I will let you have them at Trade price !" LOL I didn't convince any of them, and in fact they put seeds of doubt in my mind !

    Now it is all "Go to our Website", where again no success will come from, it screams "Cult", and does not give answers that any thinking person would accept, and would surely see through.

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    Very similar to the modern day muslin faith which these days has a lot of problems like the fact that Muhammad was a pedo sleeping with 9 year old girls.

    There are so many problems with the Quran like how the dates don’t match up. Mary’s parents were dated hundreds of years before Jesus so it’s a definite error. It says Mary was the daughter of Imran, 1400 years before Jesus.

    the modern day Muslins try not to think about these things and move on.

    Modern day JWs don’t want to think about 1914 and the 77week prophecy, just move on don’t think about these things.

    but Watchtower have to explain away 1914 doctrine as we get further away from it and they will need a new scam to keep everyone with a sense of urgency

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I am grandpa. It has changed in my grandchildren s time, let alone the time of my family who was in in the early 1900s

  • Journeyman

    I think ExBethelite makes a good point.

    From the outside, everyone (well, many Jews, Christians and the non-religious west) thinks that Muslims seem so unified and powerful, but I get the feeling the religion is really a hard, brittle shell around a 'soft centre'. Outwardly, Islam seems impenetrable and undefeatable, and is spreading aggressively into the west, but if you look closely at many majority Muslim nations, the foundation is very weak within. There are many sects of Islam at war with one another, and many of the religion's adherents make an outward show of devotion but in private are keen to drop the rituals and adopt more 'western' and materialistic lifestyles, for example the young people in Iran. Look a little closely, and the outward bombast and aggressive confidence of Islam (mixed as it often is with the political leadership) appears it could collapse inwards at any time. Unfortunately, when it does I fear the results may be very bloody - more even than we've seen already.

    The same is true of other religious groups who have previously ruled by strong central control, including the JWs. Such groups are losing grip, and even many members who outwardly seem invested in these groups (PIMIs as we might say) are inwardly just waiting to break free or walk away as soon as they get a chance.

  • NotFormer

    Ozzie post: 'Nathan Knorr turned up in a big Cadillac that had been loaned to him by a sycophant. He was wearing his trade mark light suit and said to me “I don’t have a ticket, are you going to stop me coming in?”'

    He was daring you to break the rules? 😲 Rank has its privileges, I guess. 🙄

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