If Angels in the Bible are of neuter gender ? Then why are they always depicted as males by description and name ? And never a female ?

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  • sparky1

    At least Satan is an 'equal opportunity' god. He has both male and female demons(angels) in his employ. The female demons even had a 'cool' name: SUCCUBUS.

  • Xanthippe
    Xanthippe: That's Pixar's Merida from Brave - neat blue dog

    Yeah well can you find a female angel image that isn't soft porn?

  • Betheliesalot

    I guess that male angels might have looked on Eve and wished they could overlap into the generation of adam and eve.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I don't know why you say that angels aren't in art. Whether female angels are in the bible or not, those that believe in heaven, envision female angels. Because of their motherly feelings ( i imagine) they are often portrayed around graves. People, male and female, would go to heaven and so wha lah, female angels.

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  • westiebilly11
    Dear Daniel, If , as you suggest, God made Adam , aka first man, to be alone, without a 'planned woman', why did he equip Adam with a penis/reproductive organs? and, before you reply that a penis was an 'add on', made after God made Eve, then are you suggesting God made two Adams, or gave him an upgrade to enable sex?..In which case, Adam was perfect 'twice'..Logically. Best wishes.
  • Nevuela

    Nowhere in the art world that I have seen do Angels have the female form

    What do you mean? Female angels are EVERYWHERE in modern art. A friend of mine collects angel figurines, and nearly every single one of the dozens and dozens that she owns is female in appearance. The very few males she has are mostly cherubs. I myself very rarely see male angels in any modern depictions of them. Here, just look at what I found during a quick Google image search:


    I once asked a JW lady I was studying with why angels were more often than not depicted as female. Her response? Satan was using his influence over artists, sculptors, writers, etc. in order to make angels appear weak.

  • Nevuela

    Yeah well can you find a female angel image that isn't soft porn?


    Source: two-second Google image search.

  • smiddy3

    What do you mean? Female angels are EVERYWHERE in modern art.

    Hi, Nevuela I was thinking of inside Christian churches & mainly thinking about JW`s and their illustrations however I guess I have to eat my words on that score .

    Thanks for the pics.

  • Syme

    "Look brothers, there's been a misunderstanding. I was just researching the topic of female angels, I didn't look at them inappropriately".

    "Sorry brother. Leave your MS badge on the table as you go." :P

    [Insight book said "angels have no sex(gender)". Then why are they depicted as men, since it's 'technically' inaccurate? Supposedly because Adam (and not Eve, nor a genderless person) was created "at God's image", so here we have patriarchy by divine right. In reality, of course, man (Hebrew bronze age man, to be exact) created Abrahamic god in *his* image, hence the beard by the way. Older cultures were more just and gave due credit: they made goddess in woman's image because obviously life came literally through her].

  • smiddy3

    [Insight book said "angels have no sex(gender)". Then why does the GB/JW always present them as males ?

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