Anyone else watching the Leah Remini series "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" on A&E?

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  • NikL

    For a quick rundown on some of their interesting (to say the least) beliefs, Southpark (Yes the cartoon) had a great episode a few years back. Matter of fact Isaac Hayes who is a Scientologist was a part of the show and quit after it ran.

  • NikL

    As to last nights episode, I was able to make the comment without any flac from the wife that "Disconnecting" is Scientology's version of dis-fellowshiping.

  • kairos

    Is there an online resource for those of us without TV?

  • Mad Sweeney
  • arwen

    I am watching every show. I am so proud of Lisa and the people helping her get this information out in the public. There are so many things that are the same in the JW cult. I hope at least some JW's will watch and see the light!

  • Finkelstein

    There are similarities of the JW cult and the Scientology cult to be realized.

    They both promise if you participate within the organization you'll become happy and content or spiritually uplifted.

    They both indoctrinate people by utilizing literature each organization publishes, to be bought by each member, although the Scientology literature is far more expensive.

    They both socially and mentally manipulate people by exploiting people's ignorance about human psychology and practical science, entrapping people to serve the operations of the organization.

    Once inside your closely watched over to what you say and act, to evaluate if you are in subservience and support of all the directions handed down by the top orchestrative leaders and there are repercussions for not doing so.

    There is nothing scientific about Scientology. Its a con just like the WTS/JWS

  • flipper

    Tuesday night's show was phenomenal. Absolutely mind blowing ! Leah & Mike interviewed David Miscaviges father- Ron Miscavige and it was some really crazy shit. David Miscavige actually had his people stalking and tailing his dad for a year and a half after his dad escaped the cult compound. And yes- he and his wife actually had to ESCAPE the compound by putting pedal to the metal on the car accelerator as they were never allowed to go anywhere. Locks on all gates, barbwire - they just finally bolted for freedom. Then one time when Ron Miscavige was being followed by his son's people he had to bend over clutching his shirt pocket to get his cell phone- the Scientologists following him reported back to David Miscavige they thought his dad was having a heart attack and should they move in on him ? David Miscavige said, " No, just let him be, don't do anything . " Very disgusting and of course David Miscavige has cut off his dad and his wife as have other Scientology Miscavige family members.

    Also interviewed were a couple former Scientology higher ups who were victims of David Miscaviges beatings and physical abuse- absolutely riveting - my wife and I sat there crying for these people and the abuse they went through losing their whole families to shunning after escaping the cult- we know how they feel- many of us have experienced these same things in the Witnesses. Leah Remini and Mike Rinder are doing a MAJOR service to the world community and the United States by getting this information out on the Arts & Entertainment network. These are stories that NEED to continue to be heard and seen in order to get the public to take their heads out of their ass and start seeing the dangers of mind control cults like Scientology and Jehovah's Witnesses. Like Leah Remini states, " Get your children and loved ones out of this thing ! " My sentiments entirely. I truly hope this series on Scientology opens doors. Take care, Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • nonjwspouse

    I believe Leah is now on a mission, and I don't think it is limited to Scientology anymore. I do hope those who are so educated and well spoken within the ex JW community will reach out to her. A series on this. With some help from (Angus Stewart maybe!) Is not unthinkable. She is severely shocked, and disturbed , not only by Scientology, but also by finding out it is not completely unique. She is driven now to help stop anyone from entering into this or any other destructive cult. If she were to delve into the WT, I can only imagine how she could portray it; from it's own wacky beginnings, to those good who are hearted R&F that actually believe they are doing what they must do to see life on earth forever, with no regard for life on earth today with their families and other people. All with the mental awareness to be unclothing the emperor ( the GB) on national TV, with the help of many ex JWs.

  • millie210

    It would be amazing if Leah extended her scope to other similar religions. Her existing notoriety would lend itself to more publicity, which would make it easier for the average jw to actually hear some of whats out there.

  • flipper
    The show that aired on Jan. 3rd was VERY revealing and exposing of the shunning , or the " disconnection " practice put forth by Scientologists towards friends or family that leave the church. It was disgusting that the Scientology church told this one Scientologist that he couldn't go to his deceased brothers funeral because his brother was ex-communicated from the church or a " suppressive " person. So the church even wants them to shun their relatives when they are dead ! Cannot show support even when they die ! Extremely disgusting and extremely like Jehovah's Witnesses. The comparisons are astounding. I felt so sorry for this Ex-Scientologist crying for his brother who died . The years he was disconnected from his brother who left the cult and died- can never be restored or lived again. Very sad. I highly recommend watching this show if you haven't seen it

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