Darkspilver case decided: his posts were fair use, not copyright infringement; subpoena quashed

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  • Wakanda


    It worked with JWBrainwashing. He or she has some magnificent parody.

    I'm not saying JWB was in the right, but they didn't fight it at all. Probably PIMO.

  • Corney

    The Fall Guy,

    You are aware that this case was actually inititated by Darkspilver when he contacted EFF and challenged the subpoena, right? And that otherwise it would be just one of many (50+), mostly unnoticed, DMCA subpoenas? Therefore, by your logic, Darkspilver secretly conspired with Watchtower and misled EFF and a court to chill criticism. Isn't it a smear and a nonsensical accusation? Or I'm wrong and you didn't imply it?

  • LV101

    Awesome! Time these courts recognize Watchtower cult persecutes everyone.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Methinks thou doth protest too much, Corney!

    I have expressed my opinion which is based not only on my own assessment of the information available, but also reinforced by confidential information which an honourable source shared with me.

    You expressed your opinion. End of.

  • Corney
    Well, is there a single credible forum member you trust enough to share that top secret information with so he or she could confirm it? Or we should just listen, believe and be silent?
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    You are aware that this case was actually inititated by Darkspilver when he contacted EFF and challenged the subpoena

    First Watchtower filed a formal request at a District Court for the DMCA subpoena. That looks like initiating legal action to me.

    And it wasn't just a takedown order as would be most common. It was a subpoena to get Darkspilver's identity in order to be able to sue him. Of course he's gonna defend himself...

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Nice one Anders!

    Hey Corney, which part of "confidential" do JW's not understand????

    So-called "spiritually weak" Jehovah's Witnesses are routinely confronted by the wolves in sheep's clothing loving elders and asked specific questions to test them out. I'll reverse those questions and ask you to answer them:

    Do you genuinely & readily reject Jehovah's Witnesses' claim that they are the true religion, and do you also reject their governing body's claim that they are the 'faithful slave' as depicted at Matthew 24:45?

    Your clear and affirmative answers.....etc. etc. I eagerly await your response.

  • Corney

    Anders Andersen,

    I hope you're kidding. For sure, de jure this case was opened by Watchtower. That's why I used the word "actually" and wrote: "]O]therwise it would be just one of many (50+), mostly unnoticed, DMCA subpoenas", - subpoenas, which all weren't just take-down notices and all compelled ISPs to disclose identities of alleged infringers to Watchtower. Darkspilver's actions and EFF's involvement - this is what made this case newsworthy and (relatively) widely covered, what made it the Darkspilver case. I hope you won't dispute that.


    lmao. It's so ridiculous and pathetic.

    First, I'm sorry, but your unverified and unsubstantiated claim of having super-confidential information isn't different from claims of receiving divine revelations. So far, it's just illogical bullshit not supported by any facts, period.

    Second, frankly, I believe the best response would be to ignore or ridicule your disrespectful questions, but since it would be misinterpreted by people like you, my answer is yes.

    End of discussion. Goodbye.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    @ Corney: Straw man. Because you personally don't have all the facts about something, it must be derided as being "super-confidential" & "illogical bullshit." Arrogant & pompous attitude you've got there.

    Nice try Corney. My "disrespectful questions" to you were simply a chance for you to express - in your own words - what you really think about the WTBTS's spurious claims. Who on earth would call such questions "disrespectful"? Now let me think.......

    Some people might say you were employing "theocratic warfare" by simply typing & highlighting one word, 'yes' without elaborating on it .

    I'm naturally suspicious of anyone who comes onto this forum - a JW apostate forum - and refuses to say anything "disrespectful" but true about the JW cult and its practices. In such circumstances (until otherwise persuaded) I will assume that the individual is an active JW publisher, or worse!

    I unreservedly condemn & denounce the WTBTS & all of its affiliates as corrupt money-making organizations. No doubts about my position!

    I'm calling you out as a squeeky little JW mole. Prove me wrong - if you're not too busy at MillHill/Chelmsford!

  • Corney


    You're entitled to your delusions

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