Please, everyone, help out a newbie!!

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  • Fruitcake

    I know that there is more love here, than I ever found in my Kingdom Hall. I've seen how you all can rally and support one another. and that is a Mark of Christ. Truly.

    I loved how you shared your experiences with me, after my Burger King Post.(How has the brothers/sisters, make you feel unloved, worhtless?) And that was so special.

    Well, I do have a question for you all, and if you can give my fiancee, some support, and encouragement. I always mentioned him as my "friend." but he is my fiancee, and my Best Friend. Hes elumn8_2.

    He was disfellowshipped about 6 months ago, along with me. He's glad he's found his forum. and I'm happy to say, that with the help from the research you all have provided, He has provided research, and scriptures to a prolific writer of the "HERALD magazine, published by the Dawn Students. It will be a Anti Witness brochure, and he's pretty excited.

    Well, I wanted to say that elumn8's earlier posts, got responses, but all he got was teasing because he wasn't good at grammer ansd spelling.

    He writes about the Bible and prophecy, so I dont know if that is too intense, or what. But his latest post got no response, and he thought about not posting no more.

    This is'n't about being "big" and getting numbers, like you used to think, when you had to get your hours in the Kingdom hall, but he wanted to hear your thoughts and experiences, and getting to know you.

    After he was teased alot on his first posts, and have been getting so few responses, he thought you all thought he was a "dumb loser" and he was sad.

    Elumn8 is intense, not good at grammer and stuff, but he's a humble, great, young man, that wants to help you all, for our cause to expose the Watchtower and help heal eachother.

    Can you all say an encouragement to his post on page 1750, titled (666 THE MARK, but who? part one.).

    He's only 20, and gets down in the dumps so easily, but I know I can count on your help to rally around and encourage eachother. If he hears from you all, I want to surprise him when he gets home from work tonight, Also, along with the surprise that I found out that i'm pregnant!

    Love, Fruitcake,

  • happyout

    Hi, Fruitcake,

    I did my best, but I am not really the best at deep scriptural discussion.

    Congratulations on your upcoming little addition, children are the absolute best!!!


  • Joyzabel

    Welcome elumn!

    I really enjoyed chatting with you today. Sometimes that is the best way to get to know people here because the 2 dimensional word can leav things flat at times.

    BTW, I'm an awful speller! I was told to carry a dictionary with me because I'm so bad. So you'll fit right in, imo!

    Thanks fruitcake for helping point out to us, or to me, my need to welcome new ones.

    and Congratulations on your new additon!!!, but you better hide the nerf guns!



  • shamus


    Your topic about how the witnesses treated you really triggered my bad memories, and made me remember how awful people can be in the "truth". It was something that needs to be said, the emotional abuse. Of course I will try to help out your hubby. I am very, very bad a scriptures, etc., though, so bear with me.

  • Fruitcake

    You are all being so great and loving, making me laugh, and now cry...

    I love you all so much.....


  • nowisee

    fruitcake and elumn8 -

    elumn8, you just have to realize that you came on pretty strong in your first posts --- it's only human nature for people to put their defenses up.....

    everyone here seems to be given a fair chance. so come on, show us who you really are at heart.

    im sure everyone only wishes the very best for both of you.

    best wishes, nowisee

  • oldcrowwoman

    welcome Fruitcake.

    By the way I like your name. Altho I am not especially fond of fruitcake itself.

    I acknowledged two of his posts. Encourage him to share more about himself. We all have our own process of healing and honoring the feelings that goes with it all. And to be supportive to others and share ways how we can take care of ourselves.

    Like I said to Elumn in my way of taking care of myself is I don't engage in discussion of the bible. Its too upsetting for me to talk about. I would really hate to see him just go away. To give it time. Being cut off from family and the org. Is a HUGE LOSS. I support both of you to stay close. To know others who have gone through it.

    I felt like I walked through the wilderness for a long time. I was out for 19 yrs til recently of being alone and isolated. I thought I was the only exjw that experienced the abuses. In the last six months many doors were open in helping with my healing process.

    You have my support!!


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge


    Just to let you know, when I first posted here the return post were not so plentiful. I was told, and I now know it to be true, that sometimes people 'hold back' with new posters, just human nature. So, stick around, the more the merrier - don't take it personal.

    Double Edge

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Sorry to hear he felt badly about his first few posts. Please tell him not to take it personally. This board has gotten so big it is sometimes easy to have a thread slip through. If it's any consolution it took me several hundred posts before people started noticing what I said.

    Of course that could be because I've got nothing to say.

  • Reborn2002

    I agree with Big Tex.. tell your friend not to take it personally. This website has grown so large that it is difficult to seek out any one particular topic or individual poster unless you do a specific search.

    However, if he seeks out encouragement and friends, this is a good website to find comfort. I wish the best.

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