What is Self-deception?

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  • KalebOutWest


    Why are you replying to AugustWest. The other guy rudely pushed him away in the name of Christianity and in support of the New World Translation.

    Who do you think is reading your answer now? It's too late. You're talking into the air. Thank EasyPrompt and his "Christlike qualities," sarcasm, telling them to leave for making it look like you are talking to nobody.

  • riblah


  • FedUpJW

    You are a liar and a sicko.

    Am I the only one either here, or on other sites, that notices when someone begins to feel they have lost a debate they always resort to name calling?

  • EasyPrompt

    @FedUpJW...you missed part of the conversation. AugustHest posted some horrid pictures with a boy tied up getting sodomized. That part of the conversation has thankfully been deleted. For a person to claim they are something nice and then to share shocking scary pictures is being a sicko and a liar. Those words "liar" and "sicko" were not "name-calling", they were an accurate assessment.

    I'm taking a break from the forum for awhile. Those pictures were triggering to me, and made me kind of sick. I hope you all have a nice day.

  • Wonderment

    AugustHest: But if we are talking about "self-deception," why are you folks quoting texts from the New World Translation of all places? [...] Why are you using that? Is this not an exJW site or did I miss something?

    Because most of us are familiar with it, and some of us actually like this version, even though we may have left the org years ago.

    AugustHest: "I went to Hebrew school since--not to mention learned Greek in college--and it's horrific."

    Can you mention any specific examples either in the OT or NT where the NWT is "horrific" from the linguistic standpoint?

    AugustHest: "But I am showing that at least I can provide answers and show I know what I am talking about." [...] "Anyone who shares their views and their Bible translation [NWT] are pathetic, filthy worms." [...] "I am not here to promote religion, but to tear down the Watchtower and its teachings."

    These statements clearly show us where you are coming from, and where you are going with this. Why not try something more edifying?

    AugustHest: "But the fact is that in many instances I can use the NWT to prove that the WT organization is wrong, with their own translation."

    This reminds me how the Witnesses in the past used a similar method with the KJV to prove Christendom's failures.

  • sarahsmile

    AugustHest you had me going until the end! Until, my bible is better than yours because I studied Hebrew and Greek! LOL, Not too sure but I think that is called self deception.

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