Watchtower Mags-You just never know where they'll turn up!

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  • BeautifulGarbage

    So, I'm at the public library to pick up a book I had placed on hold. While I'm there, I decide to check out a book for my daughter that she had been wanting to read. I go to the children's section for 9 to 12 year olds. I'm glancing over the various titles on the shelf, when IT catches my eye: a familiar thin brochure thingy lying in wait on top of the books. A Watchtower from Sept 2001. I slide it in my purse and proceeded to do a sweep of the whole library.

    I'm certainly was not suprised by finding a WT in the library, but in the kid's section? Grrrrrr!

    I know the usual places. Laundry mats, doctor's offices, etc. I'm wondering what other odd or unusual places people have either placed, or found, WT's?

  • Joyzabel

    oh my, BG, I can't believe they are stooping to get kids (the ones who can't resist adult authority) Now I'll have to have my own reverse "magazine route" by going to the library and clearing out WTs & Gs. Besides the laundrymat, doctor's offices, etc. etc.


  • Stephanus
  • Kenneson

    I've seen them at the flea market and in shopping malls. But has anyone ever seen them in churches? Now, there's a new outlet.

  • free will
    free will

    on top of the stand up video games in a flea market.

  • rocketman

    An adult bookstore would be a cool place to find one, but I doubt that'll ever happen.

  • Sunspot


    I can't get the quote thingy to work!!!!!

    Anyway......Kenneson mentioned not seeing the mags in churches...Guess what! I left two sets of them at a nearby Catholic Rectory. They have this little lobby, or anteroom, with two leather couches a couple of matching chairs, I guess to sit and wait if you have an appointment with the robed person.....there were a few bookshelves with Catholic literature, etc.

    My "companion" and I knocked and waited, and he tried the doorknob-which opened up into this room..... we hollered hello and got no response, so I unloaded the mags onto the coffee table, giggled, and headed back to the car!

    I've also come across quite a few older books (like the ones they always seemed to be "overstocked" with and were anxiously trying to push every few months) at garage sales and yard sales in the area. It seemed as if they leaped right out at me a from a mile away, even if they were buried in amongst an entire box of books! BOING!!!!!

    And I HAVE seen the mags at our library nestled among the TIME and NEWSWEEK mags.



  • oldcrowwoman

    Usually they leave the magazines on the tables in the lounge areas of the hopital. When I see them I pick them up and dump the in the nearest garbage can!!

    I feel empowered!!!


  • TorturedSoul

    I livein the hills. I aint got much money, my house aint much but its mine. I have a 2 hole out back and them Watchtower Mags are better than them old Sears catalogs we used to have....too damn slippery...these things much better.


  • GentlyFeral


    Usually they leave the magazines on the tables in the lounge areas of the hopital. When I see them I pick them up and dump the in the nearest garbage can!!

    Me too; but I rip them up first, to prevent "recycling." GentlyFeral

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