First Humans May Have Been European

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    Cofty this could wreck a very lucrative tourist business down South here in my part of the world = The Cradle of Mankind !

    What can we pay you to make this report go away?

  • Diogenesister

    Hey there Zappa-esque ( cool name)

    Have you managed to ever visit the gorge were Lucy was found?

  • Vidiot
    cofty - "This hypothesis is likely to be controversial for all sorts of reasons."

    Hoo, you said it.

  • Ruby456

    did climate change tto steppe tundra type ecology deal a blow to the Neanderthals and pave the way for homo sapiens?

  • Ruby456

    humans are the odd ones out according to some scientists while Neanderthals were not. Is it something like this that gave humans their ideas about being different enough to warrant the worship of a higher entity? or is it that worshiping a higher entity made them different?

  • zeb

    I saw a doco where graves had been found in Spain that were fully proven to be Neanderthal. Some material was removed to ascertain DNA. ... and guess what it was not human!

    I mentioned this to my wife (uber) who dint wish to hear it.

  • Ruby456

    yup the neanderthals are a fascinating group and they were flourishing at one time. Scientists think that climate change made them extinct. proto humans who lived on the margins were more adaptable. (very encouraging for us who live on the margins I think)

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