Money Grab started in India

by cognitivedizzy 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • cognitivedizzy

    I don't know how the fellow who made the resolution from stage to send 80% of the congregation funds to the Indian Branch as an outright donation made it with a straight face

    And all the sheeples nodded like they understood the shit he were spewing

    I'm so mad at this cult

  • brandnew
    All bad😡
  • sir82

    Sorry, I'm lost.

    Who made what resolution where? And when?

  • TimDrake1914
    You have no idea how powerful group pressure can be. Once you see a few heads nodding affirmatively, it's hard to go against it, even if you feel uncomfortable doing so. It takes a lot of mental strength and discipline to go against the wave.
  • Crazyguy
    What are you talking about it was said here that the Indian branch is closing and no more money is being sent to India, no more printing or product being sent their either. They have stopped all support for the Indian JWs they are on their own. Are you stating that this is incorrect?
  • kairos

    Sounds like the Indian JWs are sending in all funds to HQ before closing up shop.

    More details will come out. They always do.

  • Finkelstein

    Does anyone else think the WTS is intentionally stock piling the cash in reflective view that the organization's doctrines were pretentiously false and the Org. cant or doesn't know how to resolve this problem ?

    That's a lot of branches being closed and sold off.

  • wifibandit

    It sounds like the India Branch is on it's own money wise, hence the end of printing. They can't get money from outside, so they have to slash costs and pay the unavoidable expenses off the backs of the congregations within their territory.

    Speculation: I wouldn't be surprised if they start encouraging the friends to have "simpler weddings" so that they can donate what they have saved up.

  • cognitivedizzy
    Yep money was asked to be sent from my local congregation in India to Indian Branch, money can't go out or in for JWdom in India to HQ
  • cognitivedizzy
    No news on whether the Indian Branch is closing, I doubt that would happen any time soon, the printing has stopped yes completely , not sure why they need all the congregation money though.. Those blood suckers

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