YHWH's Magnificent Killing Machine

by fulltimestudent 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • UBERWitless

    @ Rocketman123 Most of humanity deserves to die. Act right or GTFO. I would do the same thing if I was the supreme ruler of the universe.

  • waton

    u''uw: all humans have been feeding on other life all their life, killing it in the process. justice would demand that you submit to the same fate.

    Individually, or as as a family, "death [is] the last enemy", but in the overall scheme, the universe permits many to share life for a time. timeshare.

  • punkofnice

    As Quentin Crisp said something along the lines of, 'if we all got what we deserved, we'd all be shot'.

    I think YHWH's greatest killing machine is religion.

    I do love Godzilla though.

  • fulltimestudent

    So, if we are considering ALL of old YHWH's killing machines, What would be the greatest - no wrong word.

    What would be the WORST of YHWH's killing machines?

    I submit this entry for consideration.

    As further evidence consider this video of wet markets (NO! not in Wuhan) in the USA

    What Happens to Animals Inside America’s Wet Markets?


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