DOOM and LUXURY : the Watchtower Elite prepares for the GREAT TRIBULATION

by TerryWalstrom 36 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • ToesUp

    Maybe this is where they (GB) will go..."in the twinkling of an eye." Maybe to the Caymen Islands and then all the JW's can stand in astonishment at the mighty power of the GB. As the dynamic 7 fly off with all the cash! lol

  • rocketman

    Great (Tribulation) presentation Terry!

  • TerryWalstrom
    Man, you got too much f'ing time in your hands.
    At 69 years old, I wish that were true :)
    Fact of the matter, I live alone and have plenty of hours available to my whimsy. I'd rather keep my mind active by writing than squinting at Donald Trump on Fox News :)

    I ride a bicycle everywhere I go. So, the combination of Brains and legs might keep me alive a few months more. . .
  • TheWonderofYou

    What a luxury to ride a bike and write. :wink:

    I hope you use a helmet to protect your brain ....not for the great tribulation for that certainly not

  • ToesUp


    I hope I can stay as active as you at 69! That's fantastic! Keep on truckin!

  • TerryWalstrom

    The people I run into who are of my vintage, (usually active J-Dubs from my stint locally) look truly deplorable and unhealthy.
    It looks to me as though they completely gave up!
    Gave up on what, you ask?


    50 years or more in a religion which perches you at a bus stop and tells you Godot is coming, creates within you an endless idleness of mind. There is no reason to undertake (interesting choice of words) strive, opine or improve in any way the status quo.
    As Freddy Franz said about his own life, (referring to the decision to either go for the Rhodes Scholarship or become a Russellite) "What's the point? What is the point?" Meaning: Armageddon was coming in one year's time! (It was 1913.)

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I wonder if the Welsh Assembly have funds to give to organisations prepared to translate their material into the Welsh language? This is what money grabbing organisations would be interested in...

    To my knowledge, and I would happily be corrected, all Welsh speakers also speak English. So why bother?

    To translate religious propaganda into a virtually dead language is a waste of effort. To translate the useless rubbish from the columns of the Watchtower which nobody reads except those who do it out of misplaced duty into a language which nobody needs to speak........................ is bonkers!

  • TerryWalstrom
    What a luxury to ride a bike and write. :wink:

    I hope you use a helmet to protect your brain ....not for the great tribulation for that certainly not

    No. No helmet. I actually did research on bike helmets, including the leading bicycle magazines and the consensus is, I'll still be badly injured--it will just take longer to die with a helmet. I have a really bad problem with claustrophobia. I can't even wear sunglasses or a baseball cap.
    Crazy? Sure!

    I prefer a quick exit

  • tiki

    Thanks for this one, Terry. The whole goat barn part is just amazing. The religion is based on death, doom and destruction....historically and right up to the present.

    And I think bicycle helmets are just plain paranoid.

  • TerryWalstrom

    Pastor Russell's little world in which he was the one-eyed king among the blind, vanished in 1916.

    There was a cloud of confusion and out stepped a magician.

    The Judge waved his iron wand and a new order appeared. It was Warcraft.

    He made all the rules. It was a "My way or the Highway" religion.

    In 1942, his rectum killed him and another a**hole took over, Knorr.

    Knorr was an odd mixture of Luddite and Labor leader. He invented a school for salesman: Gilead and parlayed rules and regulations into a control mechanism of carrots and sticks.

    Each change of regime is a new solar system the previous cosmos would not recognize or accept as true.

    like the horrid parasitic ALIEN in Ridley Scott's film, the Watchtower is capable of becoming anything it needs to be to survive.

    If you dare injure the Organization the corrosive acid spews all over you.
    It seeks to multiply its numbers, creating armies of new parasites now numbering 8 million.
    They are coming for us.

    They are coming for all of us.

    The only remedy is preparedness--turning the spotlight on their collateral damage and demonstrating the plague in its true magnitude and virulence.


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