Cracked under pressure

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  • Splash

    Expose their thinking pattern. When they say "that doesn't apply" tell them "it does apply, but you tell yourself it doesn't apply so you don't have to face up to it, and that's OK if it works for you, but I no longer choose to deceive myself."

    Tell them that they don't believe the bible, they believe what Brooklyn NY tells them. If the GB said "new light, the Trinity is true!" then they would reverse a lifetime of beliefs and believe the trinity. Tell them you now think for yourself, which is why you can defend your beliefs.

    Pick a topic that is completely unwinnable for them, like the overlapping generations, or the new scrolls, and every single time they start to criticise you, just go back to that topic with "until you can explain the new scrolls to me, I'm not going to discuss anything else with you. Can you explain it yet, or is it a false teaching?"

    They will soon be on the defensive, and you won't ever get angry again.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    All of the above, plus this: don't forget that you own your life. That basic belief helps me because I know I'm not morally subject to anyone's attempt to control me. Also I don't have a moral right to control anyone except myself.

    Your post was WELL written. Best wishes to you!


  • SecretSlaveClass

    Your post was written perfectly and I definitely felt your frustration. Many if not most of us here have had to suffer through the same or similar behavior - I certainly did with my mother and brother. My mom would actually get heart palpitations and hypertension everytime we engaged in similar conversations.

    The problem is they are so hopelessly dependent on the bOrg to think for them, decide for them and literally dictate their lives to them. The longer they are "in" the more intellectually lazy they become, common sense plays a smaller and ever diminishing role in their lives as time in the cult passes.MThey become so mentally incompetent that they panick when they are being challenged. Truth, facts, relationships, unconditional love are all decided by the bOrg and they will fight tooth and nail to protect their dependency on the bOrg drug. As LisaRose said, those hopelessly hardwired to the bOrg will only snap out of it when their thought process changes at the critical time, however that may come about is personal and no amount of arguing, evidence or even love on your part will change that.

    You only yave one hope my friend - time. Only time will offer them chances to break free. In the meantime, don't give up hope and concentrate on finding your own happiness and success.

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